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November 2, 2018


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 Today I'm happy to share with you some great news from ROSEGAL, one of my favorite online stores. GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL is here and there'll be some great deals on Rosegal! I really love this store, cause they are offering so many things in one place: clothes for both men and women, shoes, accessories, jewellery as well as beauty stuff and home decor. All their clothes is up to date and fashionable, of good quality and their prices are more than affordable. The shipping is fast and their customer service is very professional. Good shopping experience is most important for those who like to shop online. If you're a shoppaholic like meand love good shopping deals and sales don't miss to check out this store. Besides saving a lot with the purchase of your favorite stuff from Rosegal you also save on shipping costs, cause shipping will be free worldwide. 

Now, I will share with you some great fashion stuff that I found on Rosegal. I will use this opportunity to get them cheaper and with free shipping so I will surely order some of them.


  My first choice is this super cool gray sweater. I really like gray color and already have a couple of gray sweaters. Actually most of thesweaters I have are gray, haha. This one is very nice and easy to match with almost everything. It costs only $15.77.

   My next choice is this black faux leather moto jacket. I picked the black one, but it's also available in other colors: pink, red wine and bright yellow. Black leather jacket has become a most have piece in every women's closet. I already have 2 black faux leather jackets, but they are too simple, this one looks really cool with this belt. It's current price is $50.32.


 And my last pick is this black fluffy coat. Something like this is on my wishlist for seasons and I coudn't find the perfect one. This one looks nice and warm. It's available in brown color as well, but I'm not a huge fan of brown and black is easier to match. This coat is only $28.97.
I hope you like my picks! Don't miss to check out Rosegal today and get your favorite items even cheaper on this sale plus free shipping worldwide. Don't forget to use the code from the beginning of the post.

Kisses until next post!

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