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September 16, 2018

Japan Candy Box Unboxing + GIVEAWAY


  Hello guys! In today's post I'm happy to share with you unboxing of Japan Candy Box! For those who aren't familiar with this Japan Candy Box is a subscription box site. It goes for as low as 18$ a month and it brings you 10 exclusive Japanese snacks every month straight to your doorstep with free shipping worldwide! Every month inside Japan Candy Box you can find both sweet and salty candies. There are popular Japanese snacks, traditional snacks, DIY candy kits, character snacks, exclusive snacks and many more.

  I got their latest box, so let's check what's inside! And at the end of the post you'll find a giveaway gadget so you can enter for a chance to win a box and try out some cool Japanese candies. 

  First, here are some snacks. The first packing is Umiabo Tokoyaki Potato rings. It's a flavored potato snack with an octopus flavor. Wooow! It's a bit spacier snack than I like but the taste is really incredible. Haven't tried anything like this before. The next snack is eaven mor einteresting. It's Osatsu Doki Sweet Potato Chips - Pancake Flavor. Another woooow! This crispy chips has a mellow sweetness of a maple syrup and the rich flavor of butter. It's like eating panckaes in potato chips form! Really unusual candy, it tastes very good. There are no candies like this one in Serbia.

  The next snack from this Japan Candy Box are Glico Karu Edamame Potato sticks. This are salty sticks, made by the same creators of rhe world famous Pocky sticks. I adore Pocky sticks! I tried a couple of different flavors of them but never tried their salty sticks. These are made of potato with edammame seasoning. I'm not very impressed with these, but it's not a bad snack. Maybe it's because I'm not usd to this kind of snacks.

  Two more salty snacks left and then I'm going to show you the sweets. These snacks are pretty cool. The first one is Umaibo. I love this snack. I tried about 5 different flavors of it, and liked every single one of them. This one is grilled chiken flavored. An the other snack is Yoakin Soba/meshi Noodle Snack. It's a street food of fried noodles and rice. I love rice, and rice snacks. I'm also a huge fan of noodles. An addict! So, I really liked this snack.

  And here are all the sweets! There are chewey candies, gummies, ice-cream flvored soda candies and more. I liked the chewey candies with Sakurajima mandarins flavor. Perefectly balanced mix of sweetness and sourness!
  I really liked this box, and i think it totally pay's of, you get 10 super tasty candies from Japan for only $18 + free shipping. If you'd like to win one for yourself enter the giveaway form bellow. Good luck!

Dare 2 Wear Japan Candy Box Giveaway


  1. Looks cute. and looks like tastes are pretty interesting, especially those salty rice and noodle snacks. 😊

  2. Lovely post dear, I would really like to try Japanese candies because they look a lot different than the ones I'm used to! I've entered the giveaway! xoxo


  3. It all looks fantastic! So much fun to try candy from other places! :)

  4. Nice! I would love to try the gummies

  5. I would like to try the Sumikko Gurashi sweets!


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