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February 5, 2018

5 Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Diamond for your Sweetheart

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"But diamonds are a girl’s best friend," and so the song goes. This has been true for decades, centuries even. Choosing the right diamond for your loved one is just as special as that moment you are preparing for. It might be your first and only diamond purchase, so make it all worthwhile. There are diamond jewelers who can assist you to make your choice, but it helps to have a little knowledge about diamonds before shopping for one. Read on for a few helpful tips to guide you in choosing the right diamond for your sweetheart for that magical moment.

1.  Set a budget
Setting a budget might help you choose the best quality of diamond you can find for your  money’s worth. It is a fact that diamonds are expensive, and the diamond sellers might charge
you more if you do not know any better. So, better stick to your budget and pick your best choice.

2.  Do some research
Before heading off to the jeweler shop or the mall, you can do some online research first to know essential details to look for in a diamond. It is best to know some necessary information
you might need while talking to the diamond jewelers such as the shape, color grade, clarity, and the metal that comes with it. You might make a bit of a bargain if you know these important
details. You should have a picture in your mind of the diamond based on the qualities that you are looking for. It is even better if you have an idea of the type of diamond your significant one
prefers. You may ask the recipient herself of her choice, or her close friends or family.

3.  Compare prices
After poring through the details on quality, you can check and compare prices. You can visit several jewel stores to have a broader selection and price range. Make sure that you are purchasing your diamond for a fair price. It might even be a better idea if you do your shopping in two days; the first day for comparing prices from different jewel shops then finally making the purchase the next day.

4.  Look for the best deals
Comparing prices of diamonds that you can find in jewel shops can give you a good price for your money. Another great option would be to check out prices online against prices you get from jewelry stores. You might make a good bargain for the same diamond if you buy from an online retailer. Just make sure it is a reliable and a legitimate jewel store.

5.  Check out grades on GIA reports
You can check out the grades of diamonds on GIA (Gemological Institute of America) reports before you purchase. Reviewing the GIA report of the diamond you choose gives you details on the quality of the diamond you are about to purchase such as cut, color grade, clarity, and karat. Doing so may help you choose the highest quality of diamond you can get for your budget.

Looking for that special piece of expensive jewelry for that special someone should be a joyful process, not a stressful one. Following the tips above, you can balance all the essential
qualities that you want in a diamond to match the budget that you have.

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