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December 14, 2017

 In today's post we'll discuss TedHair virgin hair wholesale. But, before that I'd like to share with you a couple of tips and things you should have in mind before buying virgin hair products online.
   WHAT IS VIRGIN HAIR? Virgin hair refers to hair that is totally unprocessed and intact. It must meet rigorous standards in order to qualify as virgin hair. These are as following: 
  • 100% Human Hair
  • NEVER been permed, bleached, dyed, colored or chemically processed in any way.
  • cut off of the hair donor in one ponytail.
  • all the cuticle layers intact.
  • all the cuticles  facing the same direction. 
  • the hair will never tangle.


 All other hair extensions that you find in shops on the internet have been treated by bleaching, coloring and sometimes texturizing. This hair extensions look great only for a certain amount of time and then you have to buy new ones. Real virgin hair lasts a very long time (if it is cared for properly), longer than any other type of hair. You can bleach it and dye it to match your natural hair, but remember virgin hair extension are always in dark colors, so when you see blond virgin hair extensions you can be completely sure that these are fake!!!

TYPES OF VIRGIN HAIR: Virgin hair can come from any person and any country, but some of the most popular ones include Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, etc. Brazilian hair is dominating the market. It is one of the best textures. It feels so natural to the touch, and you can hardly tell that it's a hair extension. Compared to Peruvian or Malaysian hair, that we mentioned above, it has the most natural feel. It's not too soft or too rough and it can easily blend with different hair types. One of the benefits of Brazilian virgin hair is it's flexibility that allows you to style it in different ways. You can color it, dye it, straighten it or make curls and waves. Brazilian virgin hair extensions come as straight, wavy and curly. Another good side of Brazilian virgin hair is it's durability and longevity. Brazilian hair lasts longer than other types of virgin hair.

  STYLES & TEXTURES: As I said before, there are three main types of Brazilian virgin hair: straight, wavy and curly.  The wavy type itself comes in many forms: body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave, ocean wave etc. and curly comes in deep curly, kinky curly etc. Straight hair is just straight, but it still looks wonderful, right?
  When buying virgin hair products it's important to find reliable hair suppliers. For example, I read a lot of positive reviews for TedHair. They are specialized in selling different types of hair products. They have various types of wigs and closures, hair extensions like: clip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions and tape in hair extensions, as well as hair weave made of Virgin Brazilian, Virgin Peruvian, Virgin Malaysian and Virgin Indian hair and Ombre Color Weave, too. Also check their wholesale hair extensions.


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Diamonds sparkle forever, but that doesn’t mean that they and the metal rings they sit upon don’t have to be cleaned. These are things you can do.

Warm Water

The first step is to fill up a cup with some warm water. It should be lukewarm. It should not be too hot for you to touch it. You don't want to use your sink because you don't want to take a chance that one of Ringleaders’ gorgeous engagement rings in Brisbane is going to fall down the drain by accident.


The second step is to add some detergent to the warm water. Make sure that it is mixed well. The water just needs to be a little bit soapy. Therefore, you are only going to need a small amount of the detergent.


The third step is to soak the diamond ring in the soapy water for about ten minutes. This should be enough time for the grime on the ring to breakdown so that it can easily be removed.

Glass Cleaner

The fourth step is to get another cup and add some glass cleaner that is ammonia-based. It is very important that you do not use a chlorine-based glass cleaner. This is because it can chemically react to the metal that is inside of the engagement ring.


The fifth step is to remove the ring after it has been sitting in its detergent bath for about ten minutes. It can then be placed into the second cup on the glass cleaner for another ten minutes. It is important to remember that you only need to do steps 4 and 5 if your ring is very dirty.

Soft Bristle Brush

The sixth step is to remove the engagement ring from the solution and gently clean all of its sides with a soft bristle brush. The edges and the back of the ring are going to need an extra scrub. This is because this is where the dirt is going to build up the most. If you have an engagement ring that has prongs in it, then you are going to need to be careful that you are not brushing it too hard. The bristles can get caught in the prongs.

Back Into Solution

The seventh step is to put the engagement ring back into the solution of the water and the detergent. Then you can brush the jewellery while being soaked in the solution. This will allow the loosened dirt to be washed off.

Running Water

The eighth step is to rinse off the engagement ring with some clean running water. If you happen to be using the sink, make sure that the strainer is plugged into the drain. You don’t want your ring to end up going down the drain.


The ninth step is to use a lint free cloth to dry off the engagement ring. Then, if you think it is necessary, you can blow dry the ring using the hair dryer. Do not let the water evaporate on the ring. This is because it is going to cause water stains on the ring.

Routine Check

The tenth step is to check for any damage that could have happened during the cleaning of the ring. This damage could include a loosening of the prongs.

By knowing the ways on how to clean the precious ring on your finger, you will be able to ensure that it remains in tiptop shape.

We have reached the end of the year of 2017, Christmas parties will soon be in full swing. Did you find comfortable and stylish clothes to wear? If not, Zaful is now promoting Christmas sale with various adorable products at cutthroat price. Below is some Christmas party fashion items in Zaful which you should have.

 White on White
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3 Piece Trick 
Ever heard about something called the three-piece trick? The best way to untangle a mysterious, sexy look is to look at the accessories. You will find that all such complicated looks have three things in common – a statement filled handbag, a pair of hot shoes and a useful and trendy pair of sunglasses. Try it yourself to achieve celebrity kind of a look at no time.

Playful Accessories
A choker or a pair of earring with Christmas elements on it would be fun don't you think? It's Christmas after all. Recommending you these nice little accessories. They are down to $0.99 before Zaful Christmas Sale ends.

Zaful has prepared the Christmas ultimate sale to celebrate the end of 2017. No matter you're shopping for your sister, mother, friend or yourself. We've edited the most amazing gifts for you in this Christmas clean-up sale.

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True fact, we normally react to color before ANYTHING else. The colors you wear can make you instantly look slimmer, leaner, healthier and more appealing.
For this Christmas sale, we picked hundreds of popular product with various kinds of color. Including bloggers recommends and celebrities style-steal. Before, perfecting your style is tricky and expensive. But with Zaful Christmas sale, becoming a true fashionista is not a dream anymore.

Christmas sale is always the best festival sale in Rosegal, but our dear Santa seems like he's not paying attention to his own weight this year and obviously stuck in the chimney! Help him through to get mysterious Rosegal gifts worth $50.

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Family Fun

Throw away the pressure you took from the entire year and stay with family during Chrismas nights are warm and fun. But there is a way to make thing even better. A family match pajama suit with Chrismas elements will do the trick.

Party Hard
Get set for an opulent party season with our sparkling edit of party dresses. Plus size Draped cardigan and sweatshirts are always the best style to collect. Pick yourself a sleeveless flare dress or a pin up dress by day you head out to the party, for cool, nonchalant chic.

December 13, 2017


  Hello there, dear blog readers. Happy Monday! I wish you a successful week! In today's post we'll discuss some ways how to transform your look in minutes with one great online store called BestHairBuy. I guess all of you girls sometimes get bored with your current hairstyle and think abut changing something. But, you're not sure if you want to make a dramatic change and cut your hair or damage it. Totally understandable. But, hey you don't have to do neither of that to achieve a new hairdo. You can try out some cool hair extensions or wigs. BestHairBuy has a large assortment of both, at super affordable prices. BestHairBuy is a combination of "Best Quality", "Best Price" and "Best Service". They promise the high quality product and good price. Best customer experience is their core purpose. They pursue the latest fashion and aim to deliver the beauty and glam to every woman. 
 As you may know, the length, color, and style are one of the main elements when you think about your hair extensions, but hair texture is also extremely important because it can drastically change your hairstyle. From straight to curly – hair texture has a really important part in your look. What I want to recommend you from BestHairBuy is their hair wave. First let's check their Body Wave products. Body wave is a loose type of curl that looks very natural and it flows nicely. It’s not completely straight but it’s also not too curly. The only problem with getting a body wave is that the curls start to relax and almost disappear over time. But it’s still a great option if you’re bored with your straight hair or if you have natural curls that need a bit of styling and rejuvenation. You can also liven up your natural curly hair with body wave extensions that are long-lasting and add a real boost to your hair. On BestHairBuy they ody wave extensions are available in different hair types: Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Maylasian. besides regular colors, there are also ombre body wave bundles.


 Next, they also offer Loose Wave products. What is loose wave? Loose wave is similar to body wave   in texture because it’s a very loose curl. The difference between body wave and loose wave is that loose wave doesn’t flow in one piece like body wave, it’s more loose, like the name says. It is made by using a larger roller and that’s the reason why it’s so loose and soft. It has a great flow and it can be used on different hairstyles. Since loose curls can relaxed over time, proper care and maintenance is extremely important. Moisture is the key for protecting your curls.BestHairBuy offers bundles of loose wave made of Brazilian, Indian and Maylasian hair, and also bundles with closure. Also there's a lot of BestHairBuy Natural wave products to choose from. All their products are made of high quality virgin hair, and come at super affordable prices. Check them out today!


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December 8, 2017

  Još jedan od kozmetičkih brendova koji je podržao blogersko druženje u Nišu - Naissus Blogger Fair jeste Inglot, koji je za blogerke iz organizacije pripremio poklon paketiće sa nekim od svojih najpopularnijih proizvoda. Zanimljivo je da je Inglot jedini high-end brend dostupan u Nišu, i to u studiju Jelene Đorđević, koja je predstavnik njihovog brenda za južnu Srbiju, i koja je ispred svog brenda veštačkih trepavica Lines Lashes takođe podržala naše okupljanje. O Lines Lashes ću vam pisati u nekom od narednih postova, a u nastavku ovog sa vama delim utiske o Inglot-ovim proizvodima koje sam imala prilike da isprobam. Naime, Inglot je za svaku od blogerki pripremio po jedan gel ajlajner, olovku za usne i tečni ruž. Krenuću od proizvoda koji me je posebno oduševio, i koji važi za jedan od najboljih svoje vrste na našem tržištu, od gel ajlajnera.

 INGLOT EYELINER GEL - U više navrata sam vam pisala kako od svih tipova ajlajnera najčešće koristim one u olovci, jer sam smatrala da su najpraktičniji i najlakši za korišćenje. Gel ajlajnere sam izbegavala u širokom luku. Moram priznati da sam živela u zabludi dok nisam isprobala ovaj gel ajlajner od Inglot-a. Gel ajlajner može biti jednako lak za korišćenje, ukoliko je dovoljno kvalitetan, i uz dobru četkicu i malo vežbe, mogu se izvući precizne linije. Ovim ajlalner gelom od Inglot-a sam više nego oduševljena! U pitanju je nijansa 77, zagasito crna. Pakovanje sadrži 5,5g proizvoda. Kremaste je teksture, intenzivne boje, odlično pigmentovan i potpuno prekriva samo u jednom sloju. Lepo i lako se nanosi i što je važno brzo se suši, tako da se neće razmazati ili preslikati na kapak. Jako je postojan, traje satima i satima bez ikakve promene i potrebe za korekcijom. Jedino što bih prigovorila ovom proizvodu je to što se teško skida. Odnosno, neće se svaka micelarna voda ili sredstvo za skidanje šminke lako izboriti s njim. Ja najčešće koristim micelarnu vodu od Olival-a i ona mi je odlična za skidanje ovog ajlalnera.

INGLOT LIP PENCIL - Olovka za usne koju sam dobila je u broju 21, prelepa crvena nijansa. Može se koristiti kao olovka da se uokvire usne, a može se korsititi i kao ruž preko celih usana. Napravljena je tako da u sebi sadrži rezač i sama se reže. Nešto je suvlje teksture, ali se ipak lepo razmazuje, odmah ostavlja mat trag i lepo prekriva. Na usnama je dugotrajna, nisam primetila da nešto posebno suši usne, prijatna je i ne skuplja se. Odlična je i kao podloga za ruž ili sjaj. Zanimljivo je da nismo same birale nijanse olovaka i ruževa, ali su se kod mene našle takve nijanse koje bih i sama odabrala. Kako sam oduševljena nijansom ove olovke, tako sam sam oduševljena i nijansom tečnog ruža o kom vam pišem na kraju ovog posta.

INGLOT HD LIP TINT MATTE - Budući da obožavam tečne ruževe radujem se isprobavanju ruževa različitih brendova. Nisam imala prilike da do sada isprobam Inglot-ove, a o njima sam toliko čitala i slušala. Nijansa koju sam dobila je u broju 19, fantastična ljubičasta! Dugo sam tražila ovakvu nijansu, ali nisam naišla ni na jedan tečni ruž već samo na mat karmine u stiku, kojima sam apsolutno bila razočarana jer nisu bili ni pigmentovani ni postojani, a samo su isušivali usne. Tako da, odueševila sam se kada sam vidla da se u kartonskom pakovanju nalazi ljubičasti tečni ruž. Samo pakovanje ruža je interesantno, kockasto i jednostavno a u isto vreme luksuzno. Sadrži 5,5ml proizvoda. Lagane je teksture, lako se nanosi, ali je potrebno 2-3 sloja da bi se dobila potpuna pokrivenost. Da li je to slučaj sa svim ruževima iz ove kolekcije ili samo sa tamnijim nijansama, kao i kod drugih brendova, ne mogu vam sa sigurnošću ništa reći. Veoma je postojan, počne se skidati tek nakon nekoliko sati, obično nakon jela ili pića. Generalno zadovoljna sam ovim ružem, i sigurno ću nabaviti još koju nijansu. 

Da li ste isprobale neke od ovih proizvoda, 
ili koji su vaši omiljeni Inglot proizvodi?

 Uživajte u vikendu! Do narednog posta,

December 4, 2017

  Tokom proteklog meseca imala sam prilike da testiram pregršt novih proizvoda što preparativnih, što dekorativnih. Što se tiče dekorative, zahvaljujući podršci DM Drogerie na Naissus Blogger Fair-u, između ostalog imala sam prilike da isprobam i proizvode njihovog relativno novog brenda - trend IT UP. U mom poklon paketu od DM-a našla su se dva trend IT UP proizvoda - kompaktni puder i aljalner u olovci. Baš ono što mi je bilo potrebno! Ovo je prvi put da se susrećem s proizvodima ovog brenda i jedva sam čekala da ih isprobam. A kakvi su moji utisci, jasno vam je već iz samog naslova posta. Ipak, detaljnije o ovim proizvodima pročitajte u nastavku posta.

  SKIN SUPREME COMPACT POWDER je blagi puder sa anti-shine efektom i integrisanim prajmerom. Dolazi u zanimljivom pakovanju sa ogledalom i sunđerom za aplikaciju,  i sadrži 9 grama proizvoda. Sadrži SymRepair 100, sastojak koji hidrira kožu i štiti od spoljnjih uticaja. Na nemačkom sajtu DM-a videla sam da je dostupan u 4 različite nijanse, na domaćem sajtu pak stoji samo ova koju sam ja dobila, 020. Tako da ne mogu sa sigurnošću tvrditi šta je od toga dostupno u prodajnim objektima kod nas. Što se ove nijanse tiče, nije previše svetla tako da odgovara i onima sa svetlim i onima sa nešto tamnijim tenom. Ne truni se i lako se aplikuje. U pitanju je varijabilna, nadogradiva pokrivna moć, te omogućava ten od transparentnog do potpuno pokrivenog. Pruža savršenu, mat završnicu, prirodan i zdrav izgled kože lica, koja je nežna i svilenkasta na dodir. U potpunosti sam zadovoljna ovim proizvodom, i postao je sastavni deo moje rutine šminkanja. Da napomenem još ovo, rok trajanja ovog pudera je 24 meseci.

   ULTRA BLACK EYELINER PEN WP - U više navrata sam vam pisala kako najčešće koristim ajlajnere u olovci. Po sredi je sasvim jednostavan razlog, praktičniji su, lakši za rukovanje i precizniji. Odlično su rešenje za one među nama koje nisu najveštije sa aplikacijom gel ajlajnera. Do sada sam isprobala ajlajnere u olivci različitih proizvođača, nekim sam bila zadovoljna, a neki su me potpuno razočarali. Što se tiče ovog trend IT UP ajlajnera, mogu reći da je jedan od boljih koje sam koristila. Njegova tekstura je fina i kremasta, lako se nanosi, i zahvaljujući zaoštrenom kraju u obliku flomastera lako se može izvući savršena linija. Zagasito crna nijansa odlične pigmentacije. Brzo se suši, ne razmazuje se i ostaje na kapcima dugo, dugo bez ikakve promene. Kao i puder i ovaj proizvod je našao mesto u mojoj rutini šminkanja. 

  Zadovoljna sam kvalitetom i postojanošću trend IT UP proizvoda koje sam imala prilike da testiram. Ovaj brend pretenduje da postane moj novi omiljeni makeup brend, i jedva čekam da isprobam i druge proizvode iz njihove ponude. 

Do narednog posta,

December 2, 2017

  Još jedan od brendova koji je podržao blogersko okupljanje u Nišu je domaći kozmetički brend Prima kozmetika. Od njih smo dobile po nekoliko zanimljivih proizvoda. Proizvod koji je na mene ostavio najjači utisak je upravo onaj o kome vam pišem u današnjem postu - Super Hand Repair Creme. Nega ruku je sastavni deo care rutine svih nas, naročito tokom hladnih meseci. Zato nam je potrebna krema koja štiti ruke od nepovoljnih uticaja spoljašnje sredine, koja neguje i hidrira kožu. Super krema Prima kozmetike je upravo tome namenjena. Štiti od štetnih uticaja promene temperature, visoke vlažnosti i sl. Hidrira i omekšava kožu sprečavajući njeno dalje oštećenje. Dolazi u jako lepo dizajniranom pakovanju, i sadrži 50ml proizvoda. Što se sastava ove kreme tiče, sadrži visoki procenat ekstrakta nevena, alantoina, pantenola i bisabolola. Da li je ova krema stvarno like no other, kao što piše na pakovanju, to morate proceniti sami. Što se mene tiče, koristim je redovno već dve-tri nedelje i veoma sam zadovoljna njenim efektom. U pitanju je lagana, nemasna tekstura koja se lako razmazuje i brzo upija. Koža je hidrirana, nežna i meka, i što je najvažnije izgleda zdravo. I da ne zaboravim, preslatko miriše! Ukoliko vam se dopadaju slatkasti mirisi koji podsećaju na žvake ovu kremu ćete obožavati. Pakovanje je vrlo praktično, te je možete uvek nositi sa sobom. Cena ove kreme je svega 350 RSD, a možete je poručiti online OVDE. Takođe, dostupna je i u velikom pakovanju od 200 ml, i njena cena iznosi 850 RSD. 

Uživajte u ostatku vikenda! Do narednog posta,

December 1, 2017

  In today's post we'll be talking about pregnancy, to be precise, about the first weeks of the first trimester. A full-term pregnancy is tipically 40 weeks long. It may also be 37-42 weeks long. A full-term pregnancy is divided into three trimesters each lasting 12-14 weeks. During these trimesters women experience different physiological and hormonal changes. So, it's good to know various effects of pregnancy, so you can know what to expect and what to do. As I said above, today's subject is the first trimester. It's the period from 0 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. In today's post we'll be talking about first 6 weeks, and in the next post we'll discuss the rest.

WEEK 1: You're actually not pregnant yet - the clock starts ticking from the first day of your last period. Here are some things you should do. You should start with taking a daily prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid; this B vitamin has been shown to help prevent neural-tube defects, such as spina bifida. Also, you should quit bad or unhealthy hapits, such as smoking. 

WEEK 2: Ovulation occurs, and it's the best chance to get pregnant. In this period you should start moving more.  It's recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes on most, if not all, days of pregnancy.

WEEK 3: You may be pregnant but probably won't have any symptoms. You should avoid taking any medications, without consulting with your doctor. Avoid all products containing vitamin A. Drink more water, eat more fruits, and vegetables.

WEEK 4: At this time, the test comes back positive, you're pregnant! You may start feeling bloated, moody, tired. You may exeperience sore breasts, nausea/vomiting, and freequent need to pee. It's all normal, don't worry! Here are some things you should do. Get bras that offer extra support for instances when the breasts enlarge. Avoid chemical substances and smokers. Your baby is the size of a little raspberry seed at this stage. 

WEEK 5:  When 5 weeks pregnant, vital organs of your baby start forming. Concerning symptoms, breasts can be sore, you may start vomiting, due to enlarged kidneys you'll urinate more often. Some pregnant women say they experience the "pregnancy brain", you may have a sort of amnesia, forget about things, so it's recommended to make a list of things you should do, so you can function easier. Click here for more info on this issue. 

WEEK 6: During this week you'll feal fatigue, have morning sickness, mood swings and sore breasts. If you think you're pregnant and are not taking a supplement, don't wait until your first appointment for a prescription because you will have missed this critical developmental period. Start taking an over-the-counter folic acid supplement with 600 micrograms (mcg) right away.

That's all for today! I hope you find this article helpful. In the next one we'll discuss the rest of the weeks of the first trimester, and further we'll talk about the second, and the third trimester.

 In today's post I'd like to introduce you to MaxGlamHair.com. It is a registered worldwide brand professional in natural virgin hair products, such as hair weft, lace closure, lace frontal, wigs, hair extensions, hair bulk etc. They are striving to provide premium virgin hair and responsible service. They are outstanding by special textures, best selected materials, strict quality control and relieable customer service. Virgin Hair is 100% unprocessed human hair. It's not treated in any way. It's not treated with chemicals, steam processed, dyed or colored. It's natural hair, directly cut from a head of the women. It's shiny and soft of a highest quality. On MaxGlamHair.com you will find brazilian hair bundles of highest quality. They have also peruvian, indian, and maylasian hair bundles. Deep wave, body wave, straight hair, curly hair, loose wave, loose curls, kinky curly, kinky straight and jerry curl, they have everything available! Brazilian Virgin hair is most wanted at the moment. It's compatible with almost any hair type and that's why most of the women opt for hair products made of it.

cheap virgin hair

 They are also selling closures, as I mentioned above. They have a wide range of frontal closure products. They have lace closure and lace frontal. Lace closures are available in deep wave, body wave and straight hair. Lace frontals are available in deep wave, body wave, straight hair, loose wave and kinky straight. All their products come at affordable prices, so you don't have to spend a fortune to get an amazing hair. 

loose wave weave

Visit them today and buy high quality hair pieces made of virgin hair for less.
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