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November 10, 2017


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 photo via: Tanyachronicles

  Ugly Christmas sweater will forever hold its place as the number one piece of holiday-themed attire. Christmas is around the corner, need an ugly Christmas sweater? Get festive by checking out some pretty ugly Christmas sweaters at Simple-dress. This is the season to wear something you'd be proud to call ugly. Simple-dress got you covered with funny Christmas sweaters and more! Check out their ugly holiday sweaters to wear to your Christmas party for laughs. These ugly Christmas sweaters will get you noticed at any holiday party. Snowman, Christmas tree, raindeers or Santa Clause, the choice of a motif is up to you. I used to wear an ugly Christmas sweater when I was a kid. One Christmas mother both me and my brothers identical sweaters with Santa clause, raindeers, gifts and snow trees on it, but in different colors. Mine was in midnight blue, and my brothers' in burgundy and light blue. We loved these sweaters and worn them during the whole winter. We still keep these sweaters somewhere as a memory.  This year I'm thinking about getting one of these ugly Christmas sweaters to wear on a Christmas Eve.


Would you wear an ugly Christmas sweater, and what's your favorite motif? These two bellow are just gorgeous, don't you think?

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