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July 6, 2017



  When Sex and the City series first aired in 1998 on HBO, Sarah Jessica Parker's on-screen character Carrie Bradshaw charmed the nation with her honest outlook on life (and sex) and her out-there (and oftentimes eccentric) fashion choices. Bradshaw's influential mark is still around, thanks to her famous "Carrie" name necklace. But, name necklaces didn't begin nor will it end with Carrie. The trend originally took off during the hip hop scene in the '80s. Name necklaces are u huge trend last couple of years, and they are very popular among celebrities. Name necklaces are a great fashion accessory, and personalized name necklaces are also a nice gift idea. 
  If you're wondering where to get personalized name necklace online, I'm happy to recommend you Soufeel, an online store that you surely heard about before. They become famous with their personalized charm bracelets as a cheaper but high quality alternative to oh so popular Pandora bracelets. Besides charm bracelets they are also offering name necklaces in different styles and materials. There are many beautiful designs of name necklaces in Carrie style, but also bar necklaces, engraving hang tag necklaces, infinity name necklaces and monogram name necklaces. 
  So, there's a variety of styles to choose from according to your personal taste or according to an occasion or taste of a person that you want to gift with an original gift like name necklace is. Carrie style necklaces are my favorite, but I also love how original infinity name necklaces look. You can opt for 925 sterling silver necklace or necklace in rose gold or 14K gold plated one. Be sure to check Soufeel and find your favorite style.


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