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June 12, 2017


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  There are a lot of things one can do with an Instagram account. In 2016, more than a dozen features were added to the now highly popular photo sharing social media platform and more are still coming. With these features harnessed well, businesses can become a powerful Instagram force and with the help of service providers like Socifollower, these businesses can grow their following in tremendous proportions. As more people keep on adding up to the platform’s 700 million users, marketers are doing their best to become well-versed in using features and even hacks.

  Instagram hacks are a delight to learn, but only a few marketers know about some of these hacks. Here are some of them that you can start using today:

1.    Prioritize and Rearrange Instagram Fillers
  Instagram fillers are heaven-sent for those who want to make their photos more adorable and snatch attention on the platform. For some business accounts, using the same set of fillers are important to keep a thematic presentation and maintain cohesion among contents. To remember your favorite fillers and file them in order of priority you can use Instagram’s filler management button. It also allows you to delete the ones you don’t need.

2.    Receive Notifications from Competitors
  Receive notifications from your competitors to see how they are performing and measure your efforts against them. To do this, go to one of your competitor’s posts and click the three dots on the top right. Click Turn On Post Notifications and you will get immediate alerts. Note that your device must allow notifications to receive these alerts. You can also limit the noise in your notifications and receive only competitors updates by going to Settings and then Push Notification Settings to customize.

3.    Regram and Tag
  For those who are not aware, Instagram allows regramming. It works like Twitter’s Retweet function. However, it is not a built-in function. To use this, download apps like Websta and Repost for Instagram so you can regram without cropping or taking screenshots. Also, make sure to tag the original owner. This will also be beneficial for your marketing.

4.     Create a Dynamic Bio Link
  Instagram only allows one clickable link in your account, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Since it can be changed any time you like, use it as a way to introduce new posts and updates on your account. Post the link of your latest posts and change them regularly. You can also post promotions and other relevant links. 

5.    Geotag Content
  Content with geotags on Instagram receives 80% more engagements than non-tagged content. Tag locations where the content belongs and generate a higher interest among your audience. To do this, switch to your Facebook Mobile App and click Check In on a new post. Then, type your specific custom location in the Where are You field. Once set, click Add to create location and select the right category to your brand. Finally, insert an address to the location by clicking Home and putting in your address.

  There are more hacks to discover with Instagram and the learning continues. Make sure to stay updated and continually upgrade your strategies.

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