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April 2, 2017


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 They say beauty comes with age, but it’s also a known fact that it’s hard to get a flattering outfit to show off your graceful aging. And as most clothing styles are suited for young women who love to dress up more and more to flaunt their daring youthful exuberance, the mid aged women are seem to be left behind in the trend. Do you have to exert more effort in dressing up just to be deemed fashion worthy at your age? How can you pull off a great look with age appropriate clothes? If you’re in dire need of my advice then keep on reading because in this post we are going talk about how to choose fashionable dresses for mid aged ladies.
Image Credit: The Green Guide
Follow these basic fashion guidelines and you will definitely look fashionable with your age:
1. Do away with the slim and go with the looser fit – Mature women like you need to wear looser fit of dresses because sexier outfits will not be appropriate anymore. Wearing loose does not necessarily mean you have to wear something shapeless. You can also wear tailored dress for mothers as long as the shape does not imply a “hugging” fit.
2. Be plain and simple – Monochromatic dress designs will look fashionable for a girl with age such as you. It gives of aura of stylishness which makes you appear sleek and slimmer as monochrome designs create an illusion of being thin.
3. Denims out, sleek pants in – Denim jeans provide a luxury of comfort that can be enjoyed by women of all ages, but it would be nice to wear tailored sleek pants and appear more fashionable. Sleek pants provide the same comfort that you can get from wearing denims without having to compromise the overall elegance. You may want to consider plus size dresses if you are over weighted. They are light and breathable so they are comfortable and the design is created to make you look slim thus exposing you pretty legs without having to show off unwanted flab.
4. Less in details are better – As mentioned, it’s better to keep it simple so that your dress will be well balanced with your age. Too much details in one dress are more attuned to younger ladies while simple designed dress are more fit for you to make you look hip at your age.
5. Always go for the classic – There’s a saying that classic never goes out of style. This is also true when it comes to choosing the right kind of dress for mature women like you. Wear enduring designs that will always go fashionably right. And you don’t have to worry about a thing because anything goes in the world of fashion for this year so explore some vintage dress designs and you will then be admired by everyone around you.
It’s never too hard picking on the right kind of dress for a woman of you age. Just follow these simple tips on how to choose fashionable dresses for mid aged ladies mentioned above and you will maintain as beautiful and flattering no matter how old you will become.

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