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April 2, 2017


  Today, one’s fashion and style plays a very big part in his status and how people will view him. Not only will one’s style and fashion help in better social interaction, it will also help one develop his self-confidence and self-esteem. In order to achieve that fashionable style, one must not just focus on his accessories and clothes, shoes must also be deeply considered and thought of. With different kinds of shoe designs and style, trends always change every season. And since it's 2017, below are 3 of the latest cool shoe trends that will surely help you be the next fashion icon.

1.    Sneakers

  Sneakers have gone a long way, with lots of evolution and changes along the way. And despite this, sneakers are still one of the most famous and popular go-to shoe styles every year. Sneakers are very comfortable to wear and are very simple yet eye catching depending on the overall styling. And with fashion’s innovation over the years, sneakers today have surely evolved into a lot of variations and kinds. There are mainly two kinds of sneakers that very popular today: the minimalist sneakers and the technical sneakers.

  Minimalist sneakers are simply your regular sneakers with minimal styling, usually with simple color schemes and styling. They are your typical walking shoes, usually low-ankle cut and worn with foot sock to naturally show bare ankles and skin. Most common minimalist sneakers are Nike SBs, Airmax, Adidas Stan smith and Superstar lines. While on the other hand, technical sneakers are running shoes that are casually styled to match with everyday fashion. They are very comfortable to wear. In fact, a lot of fashionable people like Justin Timberlake have been sporting technical sneakers even on fashionable events.

2.    Bright Led Shoes

  Back in the 90s, LED shoe style was a worldwide craze. Every kid in the world was walking with their bright led shoes sparkling and flashing with every step. Unfortunately, due to lack of further design improvements and features and most importantly the appearance of safety issues, LED shoes slowly decline until its’ market lost demand. Until today, with the emergence of light-up sneakers by bright shoes, LED shoes are definitely roaring into a great comeback in the shoe industry. Not only did they upgrade in the design and styling department, the safety issue of dangerous LEDs containing batteries have been totally eliminated with the use state of the art USB rechargeable batteries. Truly, with the help of today’s technology, LED have come back from the dead and are here to stay.
Below are their features that will surely blow your lights out;
•USB-rechargeable, up to 6 hours straight use
•Solid and Multi-Color Mode – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Aqua, White, etc) with series and rotating light-up schemes
•    100% waterproof
•    Bright LED lights

3.    Espadrilles

  Espadrilles are also one of the coolest shoe styles that are perfect for 2017’s summer trend. They are very comfortable shoes made from cotton and have very flexible soles that are perfect for walking in the summer season. Enjoy walking with your loved ones and friends on the beach with your comfortable espadrilles. You won’t have to worry about the sand or even water as it is usually hand-sewn with less glue or adhesive used.


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