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March 13, 2017



  In today's post in SHOPPING section we'll be talking about Millybridal UK. It is an online store specialized in selling wedding apparel and special occasion dresses. What I want to introduce you today is their collection of bridesmaid dresses. Attendants at your wedding are the people that you feel closets to, those who have supported you and your relation from the beginning. Among them are your best girlfriends which you chose to be bridesmaid at your big day. You want to make sure to choose dresses which your bridesmaids will like. But it's not any easy task, right? Don't know where to start looking? Well, Millybridal is the right place!


  If you visit their website you will surely find dresses and gowns that will meet your taste and taste of your bridesmaids as well. This store offers variety of bridesmaid dress design in different colors, sizes, lengths and materials. So, there are many choices available to pick from. But don't forget couple of things. Choose bridesmaid dresses according to your wedding dress. If your wedding gown is modern, vintage, classic or bohemian, try to find matching dresses for your bridesmaids. Are you hosting a formal wedding? You might prefer ankle length or floor length dresses for your maids. If your wedding is going to be more casual then knee length or short bridesmaid dresses can be good choice. Choose the color that will go well with overall look of your bridesmaids and that will fit everyone of them well. If you ask me, I would go for Green Bridesmaid Dresses. Here are some dress designs in green displayed. There are many more available on their store.


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  1. fenomenalna boja za svecane haljine mi je ova smaragdno zelena tamna na zadnjoj haljini-čisto savršenstvo!



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