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February 9, 2017


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 Hello girls! In today's post we'll be talking about one subject that's been neglected lately on the blog but it's one of your favorites due to number of your visits on posts like this. We'll be talking about weddings and wedding dresses. I'd like to introduce one online wedding dress store that I discovered recently. It's called White Pearl. It's Romania based wedding dress seller with more than 7 years of experience in selling wedding apparel. The wedding dress in not just a dress, you must admit. It is the most precious, memorable and admired piece of clothing you'll ever wear. For many brides it is a magic talisman that beautifies and defines the most beautiful moments in life. Romance, femininity and seduction in a single piece of fabric, sewn with great love, dreams and expectations. Yes, the wedding dress is all this
  But, finding the perfect dress for your big day is not an easy task. First, you must have some sort of idea of what kind of dress you want, or what kind of wedding you want and choose your dress according to that. If it's a formal wedding like a  church wedding you might wanna think about a long wedding dress. If we're talking about more relaxed wedding, like destination wedding or so, short wedding dress can be an ideal choice. But your dilemmas don't end here. There's a specific style to pick. It's the best if you pick a style that flatters your figure the most and in which you'll feel most comfortable, besides looking beautiful and sexy. 
  Then, you have to pick what kind of neckline you want, then whether you want a dress with sleeves, long or short, or sleeveless, with straps or strapless, with open back, etc. So many options, right? Also you have to pick the material and color. When it comes to fabrics, lace is one of the most favorite fabrics among the brides. And when we're talking about the color of the dress, the traditional white is the choice of many women. But, you can also think about champagne, ivory, blush etc.
 Another important thing is to find a reliable seller. You want a perfect dress and you want it to be of a high quality. If so, don't miss to check White Pearl. Even if you don't have any idea about how your dream wedding dress looks like, maybe you'll find the perfect one among large assortment of beautiful and unique wedding dress designs at White Pearl. There are three different collections on their website: Eternal Love, Grande Notte and Elysee with many interesting designs for you to choose from. Their motto is: Dare to live your dreams. Dare to be a bride White Pearl!


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