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January 22, 2017


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  Hi girls! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! Today on D2W I'd like to share with you about one amazing online store that sells different kinds of wholesale jewelry at super, super low prices. The store is called Easewholesale. Their products include all types of jewelry: necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, jewelry sets etc. made of high quality materials like stainless steel, titanium, 925 silver and tungsten steel. And their prices are like nowhere else. It's hard to find this kind of products that cheap on any other online jewelry store. Did I mention that they ship worldwide? Great, isn't it? So, wherever you are Easewholesale jewery is available for you to purchase. Now, let's see what they have in their offer which is really, really huge and various. We'll run through their sections of necklaces, earrings and bracelets this time.


  Necklaces - Easewholesale offers different kinds of necklaces and pendants on their website. On Easewholesale the search is eased and you can find what you're looking for very quick. You can browse necklaces by type of material they're made of, you can browse by most popular or newest products in this section, or according to your budget by lowest or by highest prices. There are gold plated necklaces, silver plated necklaces, pearl necklaces, natural stone necklaces, vintage necklaces, chain necklaces etc. And you wont believe the prices. You can find amazing, super trendy and high quality necklace designs for just a few dollars. There are even necklaces for less than $0,50. What grabbed my attention the most while browsing the collection of necklaces by this wholesale China store are their vintage necklaces. These two designs especially. Statement necklaces with crystals and chains are on trend for last couple of seasons, and can go with almost any outfit from everyday casual looks to special occasions. Be sure to check their website for more wonderful necklaces.

  Earrings - The same as with necklaces my choice when it comes to earrings are also chunky, statement pieces. I found these two pairs in their collection of vintage & antique earrings. Besides vintage designs there are modern gold and silver plated earrings, pearl earrings and crystal earrings. Stud earrings, dangle, hoop or clip earrings they have all of these types available in multiple unique designs, so there;s something for everyone's taste, as well as budget. You can find some super designs for less than $1.


  Bracelets - Finally, we come to their bracelets section. As with necklaces and earrings you can browse their bracelets offer by material or price. So silver plated bracelets, gold plated bracelets, beads bracelets, leather bracelets, nature stone bracelets etc. I especially like their beads bracelet that look like famous Pandora bracelets. You know how Pandora bracelets and beads and pendants for them are expensive and that not everyone can afford them, these Easewholesale bracelets are a good alternative. There are plenty designs of this kind of bracelets on their website for you to choose, with super cute beads and pendants.  An their price starts with just a few dollars. 

Have you heard about this store before? What you think about their jewelry?
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