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December 14, 2016



  Hi everyone! Welcome to new post in SHOPPING rubric on Dare 2 Wear. Today I'd like to present you one interesting brand that I discovered recently. It's called FARBOD BARSUM. This is Beverly Hills based design house, founded in 2010. by designer Farbod Barsum. It is specialized in selling couture exotic skin handbags and exotic accessories. This brand is commited to quality, luxury, and refinement. It is the attention to detail and understanding the complexity of working with exotic skins that gives our bags a definitive edge. 


  All their products are handcrafted with finest quality exotic skins while using sustainable harvesting as well as an ethical and ecological approach. They were also pioneers in incorporating Swarovski crystals and feathers on their products that are carefully handmade by master artisans. Born of a passion for classical styling paired with modern vision in composition, FARBOD BARSUM gives you the finest in exotic skin accessories. They have a wide range of skin and color options in womens alligator skin wallet. Choose between brown, black or nude. Besides alligator skin wallets there are also lizard and ostrich wallets, in many different colors as well.


  Besides wallets for women, there are also exotic cuffs, passport wallets, keychains and exotic wallets and belts for men. What especially grabbed my attention are these chic and edgy cuffs with magnet closure. They are a great way to spice any simple outfit. They are also available in different skins and colors, as well as sizes. All cuffs come studded with a solid brass external hardware to add an edge to your look but vary in design depending on what style you’re going for. Their wide range of cuffs complete any outfit. Visit FARBOD BARSUM today and check more exotic accessories on their website.


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