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November 6, 2016



 Hey guys! For today I prepared something different from what you used to read about on D2W. I want to introduce you KINGALUC - aluminium composite panel supplier. They are selling their top quality abd popular aluminum composite panel to more than 40 countries around the globe. Their focus is on premium quality products & servises, as well as innovation. They aim to serve their direct customers and indirect ones as well, such as architects and designers in the best way. Their motto is: When we construct something, it is intended to last, So why settle for anything less than the best building materials?
  Let's find out more about aluminum composite materials, OK? Aluminum composite panel is essentially a structure or a panel which is lightweight and compact in features so that it can have a combination of both strength and durability. It's basic usage is related to interior and exterior applications. Aluminum composite panel is a flat panel which is quite unique and which can be used in many different ways especially in architecture. It provides flexibility, formability, compactness and stability. It's a great product which can be used in forming complex elements when it comes to designing. 
   There are different types of aluminum composite panels on Kingaluc: wooden, marble, mirror, brushed, PE and PVDF coated, depending on the customer's needs. And they come in various colors and patterns. The best thing about aluminum composite panel is that it is weather resistant. Making the product weather resistant is a major reason why aluminum sheets are used in the product. Aluminum composite panels are normally used in external claddings of buildings and houses, for insulation due to aluminum being one of the best insulators and also for signage. Besides this Kingaluc also offers sign boards. Visit them today!


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