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October 9, 2016

STYLE TIPS: Keep Wearing Your Summer Clothes Through Fall


  The cold weather has arrived, but that doesn't mean that you have to put all of your summer clothes in storage just yet. With a few simple tweaks and layering techniques, you can continue to get plenty of use out of your summer staples. Take a look at a few of these pieces that you'll want to keep at the forefront of your wardrobe this fall.

Bomber Jackets
Nothing says fall weather like a light jacket, and there's no jacket hotter right now than the bomber. These jackets were a staple in summer wear, which is an odd time for a jacket to make its trend debut. But nevertheless, these short, comfy jackets are still a popular choice for the brisk weather. Throw one on over a top and pair of jeans for an effortlessly retro cool look.

Better still, the bomber jacket is a gender neutral piece of clothing. So, if you want to wear bomber jackets as a couple check out the previous post on how to rock the look together. With a few accessories you can match your guy without feeling silly.

The easiest way to continue wearing your skirts and dresses into the cold weather is by adding a pair of tights underneath. To make an otherwise plain outfit pop, try a new pair of ombre tights. Just like the ombre hair trend, ombre tights show a gradual blend of one color to another. Black to fuchsia for example can give your outfit a fun and feminine flair. While a set of black to grey ombre tights can help you achieve a fashionably posh look.

For an extra bold twist, you can also wear your tights under a pair of shorts. It's another nod to the many '90s styles that made a comeback this year. Just make sure you layer your top as well to balance out the look.

A Touch of Fur
Fur is a great indicator of the season, and therefore makes whatever you wear underneath (except for a bathing suit) look seasonally fitting as well.

If you check out SOIA & KYO'S collection of coats, you can see many of the models wearing clothes underneath that, without the coat, really aren't that indicative of the season. You can pair any coat with black bottoms and well-suited top, and still look fall or even winter-ready. Finish the look with a closed-toe shoe and you're ready to go.

And of course, it goes without saying that faux fur is completely acceptable, if not preferred in most cases of this trend.

Before you stock away your warm weather wardrobe this year, keep a few of these pieces front and center in your closet. With a few simple tweaks, you can easily make these summer pieces sing for the rest of the year.


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