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October 28, 2016


   Hey guys! Today I'm super excited to share with you about one amazing online store that I discovered recently. It's called Punkrave. It's an online shopping destination that all you alternative clothes lovers need to bookmark, cause you'll want to visit them again and again. Their specialty is gothic apparel, whether you're into classic Victorian or steampunk style, they have them both covered with great selection of high-quality and unique pieces, at more than affordable prices. They have their own team of designers, which guarantees originality of their products. Besides gothic clothes on Punkrave you'll find a wide range of punk clothes, as well as lolita dresses.


  What grabbed my attention the most while browsing their website is their gothic section, especially their collection of gothic dresses. Punkrave, if you ask me, has taken gothic fashion to totally new level. Their dresses are amazing, totally original and extravagant, like high fashion pieces straight off the runways. Depending on your taste and personal style you can choose from a huge range of gothic victorian dresses or opt for gothic lolita dress. As you know Gothic Lolita is a goth inspired Lolita sub-style. It's one of the most popular styles of Lolita. For all of you that are in this kind of Lolita style Punkrave is the right place to shop. Gothic Victorian dress is a good choice as well.


 Besides beautiful dark but romantic dresses, Punkrave offers gothic jackets and coats, shirts, t-shirts, skirts and pants. Even if you're not into alternative clothes, but like to experiment with your way of clothing I'm sure you'll can find perfect pieces on Punkrave which you can combine with your regular clothes and accessories, and make unique outfits. 


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