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October 18, 2016



  Hey girls! How's you're week going so far? In one of my previous shopping posts I've introduced you to OMGNB online store that sells different types of hair products and wrote you about their clip in hair extension. In today's post I want to talk to you about another type of hair extensions - Tape In Hair Extensions. For those seeking a seamless-looking new hair-do without any damage, tape hair extensions might just be the best solution! 
  Tape in extensions are a relatively new method of extensions ad very popular on the market. This is because they are comfortable, inconspicuous, easy to maintain and great for blending colors which makes matching your hair easy! Tape-ins are the perfect way to add length, volume or highlights to your natural hair.


  On OMGNB they are available in various shades of Black, Brown, Red and Blonde hair, as well as in Blue, Pink, Purple and Green color. They come in lengths from 16 to 28 inch in body wave or straight. They're all made of 100% real human hair. Tape in hair extensions are a quick and smooth way of adding layers of volume and length to your natural hair and can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. 
  Natural Human Hair is the best choice when it comes to hair extensions cause you can style it as you want, bleach or dye them, in other words treat them like your real hair. The hair in general is soft, shining with natural strong hair texture that can make you look and feel more natural.  So, if you're into Real Hair Extensions don't miss to check out this store's offer. 
   I believe all of you girls sometimes get bored with your current hairstyle and think abut changing something. But, you're not sure if you want to make a dramatic change and cut your hair or damage it. Totally understandable. OMGNB is here to help! Check them out today.


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