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September 12, 2016


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  Suzhou is not only the China famous tourist city, but also the main China wedding dress export city. To entrepreneurs who are in wedding dress industry, Suzhou is not a stranger. There are many reasons why the Suzhou wedding industry could rise, but in general, it can be divided into three points, first is cheap price, second is diverse styles, third point is the local government’ support. Ten years ago, businessmen who come to China to find wedding dress manufacturers only know Guangzhou, but with the rise of Suzhou, slowly more and more foreign buyers will choose Suzhou factory.

Suzhou Huqiu Wedding Market

  Although Suzhou has been the largest China wedding dress wholesale base, but if you look from the factory equipments to production process, there’s a lot of things to be improved. If you are going to buy a wedding dress in Suzhou, then you must understand the Suzhou wedding dress factories first. Factories are mainly divided into three types, one type is the family workshop type, second type is small and medium-sized factories but have no design ability, third type is above medium sized factories with design ability. Suzhou doesn’t have particularly large factories, but for the mostly wholesalers, these factories have been enough. Let's have a look at the three types of factories:

  Family workshop type: feature is smaller size (usually 3-5 workers), simple equipment and production process. In fact, it looks more like a tailor's shop. It's advantages are process as customers’ specific needs and cheap price, but disadvantages are also obvious, such as lack of production ability, disability to control the quality. Usually this family workshop will cooperate with local trade companies or factories and mainly produce some simple wedding dress.

  Onefold way of sale of their products, they will produce after get orders from factories or trade companies, rare family workshop would sell their products on some online platforms. They don’t have design ability; they usually produce by the customers’ request or the pictures. However, it's not easy to find these family workshops, as they rarely contact with customers directly, and the producer work place is also where they live, so it is not easy to find them.

  Small and medium size: from to 20 to 200 workers. They are mainly concentrated near the Suzhou Tiger Hill wedding dress street, a large number of them. Why they are concentrated near the Tiger Hill, on one hand it is because there are enough raw material suppliers nearby, on the other hand because there is a large number of wedding dress stores nearby and convenient shipment directly.

  Generally this kind of factories’ production environment is not good, and the production process is not standard. Even some factories don’t have pattern for making process, workers will cut at their own feeling, so finally the finished products’ quality is uneven. In addition, they don’t have independent design ability. Restricted by the cost, they usually copy other brands of wedding dresses to enrich their styles. However, their production cost is relatively low, short delivery time, strong copy ability.

  Above medium sized factories: 200-500 workers, have their own a team of designers. This type is often scattered, some will have their own wedding dress stores to sell to local market directly, and customers are mainly bridal shops, photo studio and rental shops etc.

  These factories’ size and strength will more meet the oversea purchasers who have higher requirements, because of their independent design ability, they will attract some designers or customized needs. Compared to small factories, their price will be higher, and also have some MOQ limits. It is easy to find these factories, you could consult with the local wedding dress stores in Tiger Hill, or find their information by Alibaba. Usually they will have online stores at Alibaba platform, and the registration time is usually more than five years.

  Recommended manufacturers:
Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., LtdClick Here to Visit was founded in 2002, as the largest wedding dress factory in Suzhou. It has the largest showroom and two large stores, as well as a team of professional designers, and releases hundreds of new products quarterly for wholesalers, at the same time new products release conference will be held on in February and July every year. If you want to cooperate with a reliable factory in Suzhou, then you must remember to visit Jusere’s showroom and factory, I believe their products and service will leave you a deep impression. 
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