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August 13, 2016


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  Homecoming is something we don't have here in Serbia, but it is such a popular thing in many countries worldwide.  It's one of the most important events in high schools, second to prom. Homecoming is one of those events that every girl looks forward to. When preparing for homecoming the most important thing is to pick a perfect dress. Homecoming is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your fashion sense. Choosing the right dress can be a hard task, but here are couple of advises that might help. Since Homecoming is traditionally in late Autumn bright colors and summery florals are not such a good choice. Instead you should opt or dark colors, ivories, whites or metallic tones. And of course, black is always a good choice. Next thing, next question is where to look for fabulous homecoming dresses. Here's one recommendation. DRESSTHAT is an online store that I came across recently. They have a wide, wide selection of beautiful and cheap homecoming dresses. There are different styles, materials and colors available for you too choose according to your personal style and taste in fashion. Cocktail dress is an often choice of many girls for homecoming event. Cocktail dress is probably the most versatile of all special occasion looks. It's perfect for any event. Check out DRESSTHAT for amazing range of homecoming dresses and choose between different materials such as lace, chiffon, organza, tulle etc. Choose a dress with sleeves, or sleeveless, with straps, or strapless, with open back etc. Finally, pick the color you like, get a perfect pair of shoes to match and you're ready to go. 

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