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December 10, 2015


   Hi girls! In today's post we are talking about JEULIA, a designer jewelry online store specialized in designing and selling engagement rings, bridal rings sets, women's and men's wedding bands, promise rings as well as necklaces and bracelets for couples. Jeulia offers a wide selection of  rings in different colors, styles, and cuts. The rings range from unique and trendy to classic and comfortable. All their rings are usually made of rhodium plated sterling silver and come with different gemstones and combination of gemstones like sapphire, amethyst, black diamond, emerald, etc. Winter weddings are really popular right now, and Jeulia has everything to make your special moments perfect. And you don't have to spend a fortune for that, cause all Jeulia rings come at more than affordable prices. 
  While browsing their store, what grabbed my attention this time is their Jeulia Design section. If you're looking for original, unique designs when it comes to wedding rings I totally recommend you to check out this section. You'll find amazing exclusive collections of skull, mermaid and dragon rings. 

 jeulia skull rings
Jeulia Skull Rings 

  A skull ring for your favorite man? Rock an roll or wedding planning? Skull wedding rings are the best for those who dare to flaunt a Rockstar's appearance on their big day! They're perfect for biker couples as well. On Jeulia there's an array of sterling silver skull rings, diamond skull rings etc to choose from. Black diamond skull rings look so rad! Definitely my favorite. Diamond are available in other colors too. Pink, purple, green, yellow, red and blue. 

Jeulia Mermaid Rings

 Another unusual and unique ring design coming from Jeulia are their mermaid wedding rings. These are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning, precise designs with adorable stones in variety of color options: ruby, sapphire, black diamond, emerald, amethyst and more. 

Jeulia Dragon Rings

  And for the end, another exceptional Jeulia rings collection for those non traditional among us. Dragon wedding rings. They're mystical and are symbols of energy, fire, power, wisdom and serenity. They may also symbolize free spirit and wildness. For those who'd like something totally different for their wedding don't miss to check these unique ring designs out. There's a wide range of sterling silver dragon rings on Jeulia, and as previous categories they come with multiple stone options for you to choose from.

"Design and Make Affordable Rings For Every Lover" - Jeulia Rings

Check them on Youtube - Jeulia Jewelry


  1. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. amazing ring! I would love to find such a ring under my Christmas tree!

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