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December 16, 2015

SHOPPING: How to Find Reliable Wedding Dress Manufacturers


If you are planning to open a bridal shop or wholesale wedding dresses from China, the best way is to find a reliable supplier. But, everything is easier said than done. Here are some tips on how to find a good wedding dress supplier you may be interested in.

Attending exhibitions: Exhibitions allow you and the suppliers to talk face to face, understand each other, and get the direct answers on questions that concern you, such as about quality, factory capacity and shipping issues, etc. The biggest exhibition here in China is Canton Fair, where hundreds of suppliers will present their products. Among them there are indeed several top suppliers. Since participating in exhibition costs money, bogus company usually won’t appear there.

  Factory audit: If it is possible, factory audit is definitely a good choice. The two main cities famous for producing wedding dresses in China are Guangzhou and Suzhou. While the biggest difference is that the former is good at large quantity, standardized process and large MOQ (Minimum order quantity), and the later is much more flexible, either small orders or customized orders available.(BTW the most well-known wedding dress manufacturer in Suzhou is Jusere.) Factory audit helps you save time and money. It is the best way to get the supplier you desire to establish a long term cooperation.

   B2B platform: If it is hard for you to arrange a trip to China looking for wedding dress suppliers, then you can search suppliers on B2B platform, such as Global Sources, Made-in-China, as well as Alibaba, etc., where there are countless suppliers for you to compare and select. Although all of them have been verified, that does not mean they have the ability to provide quality products. Further more, some of them are just trading companies without their own factories. Therefore, please pay more attention to the information on these B2B platforms.

  Google searching: The most easiest way is to search suppliers via Google search or Bing by keywords, such as “wedding dress manufacturers in China”, “wedding dress wholesale suppliers”. But you can only find part of suppliers’ official websites because most of them are not good at marketing. Among the ones you find their websites, some of them are again, just trading companies. As a result, be careful when you contact them.
   Last but not least, always keeping an eye when looking for suppliers. If you decide to visit a factory, my suggestion is to employ a local translator. When you communicate with Chinese suppliers, it is better to use simple words and phrases, so they can understand you more easily.


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