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March 29, 2015

NEW IN: Soufeel Charm Bracelet

   Hey dolls! I'm super excited to show you the latest novelty in my jewellery box - charm bracelet by SOUFEEL. Charm bracelets are very much on trend now, and I've been wanting to have one for a long time. I was more than happy when SOUFEEL contacted me to review one of their bracelets. 
    I had an opportunity to "design" my own, by picking a bracelet and charms I like. Picking a starter bracelet was easy, I love leather bracelets so I decided for black lather one. But, I spent hours looking through all the personalized charms, since they have so many amazing charms, until I narrowed down the choice to 5 charms. I didn't pay much attention on matching them cause I'm planning to wear them separately. So I got 5 bracelets in one! 
   Bracelet arrived in a nice package, with a carrier bag and super cute jewellery box. Besides that you get the cleaning cloth to clean your bracelet and charms with. Charms and the bracelet clasp are made of sterling silver (925). Overall I'm more than satisfied with their quality, the packing as well as their service and fast shipping. 
   I know how people are lately obsessed with Pandora bracelets, but not every one can afford them. I like Pandora bracelets but, to be honest, I would never pay that much for a bracelet, or any other piece of jewellery. I would rather spend that money on clothes or bags... or noodles and fruit yoghurt, hahaha.  SOUFEEL is a cheaper but good, quality alternative to Pandora, plus SOUFEEL charms are compatible with any Pandora or Chamilia bracelet. Look around their site, I'm sure you'll find something for yourself or someone dear to you.


  1. Prelepo! :D

  2. thats such a cool bracelet , the charms are fab

  3. Divna je!!


  4. Uh, predivna je.Mnogo je slatka.

    Ja sam sa mojom isto odusevljena :)

    Kiss do neba <3


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