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March 9, 2015



   Hey dolls! How's your weekend? Mine was pretty lazy, TV and noodles all time. The weather is awful, cloudy, rainy and cold. The whole week is going to be like that, so I guess the outfit shootings will have to wait. But, I have many new stuff to show you! Damn! Spring now! Come on! Bitching and moaning aside, here's the new post, couple of things I want to recommend you to check. As always a little bit of everything.

MOVIE:Blow-Up (1966)

    I always like to start this rubric by recommending a movie. This time I opted for one of my favorite movies ever, Blow-Up (or originally Blowup) directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. The movie is about Thomas, a successful London-based photographer. He is primarily one the most wanted studio fashion photographers but also working on a book, photographic collection of darker images of human life. One day, he wanders into a desolate park and sees, at a distance, a man and a woman. Are they struggling? Playing? Flirting? He starts taking photos of them, hoping to use the photos for his book. But, the woman saw what he was doing and runs after him. She desperately wants to take the film roll. He refuses her. She follows him to his studio and tries to seduce him in order to get the film but he gives her the wrong one. After Thomas develops photographs he notices something frightfully suspicious on one of the photos he took in a park. He blows up the negatives, uncovering details, blowing up smaller and smaller elements. Finally he puts the puzzle together. Has a crime occurred? Either he photographed an attempt of a murder or actually there was a murder. This was supposed to be a movie plot in short, hahaha. Anyway, I haven't unveiled you everything, so you really need to watch this movie! If you already did, I'd like to read your impressions.

MUSIC: PJ HARVEY - Stories from the City, 
Stories from the Sea (2000)
  PJ Harvey is one of the few rock female vocals that I truly respect. Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea is her sixth and in my opinion her best album. Album represents an artful culmination of all her influences and experience. It's totally different from her previous works. Most of the album is influenced by her stay in New York, atmosphere is happier and brighter, her thoughts are deeper, lyrics metaphorical and allegoric, and her voice is amazing! Sound is vibrant sometimes urban-slick, sometimes punk-rock. I love every single song from this album, but if I have to highlight a few they would be: "Big Exit", "Good Fortune", "Horses in My Dreams" and "The Mess We're In" feat. Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

BLOG: Milkwoman

  Milkwoman is a fashion blog by Johana Koliandrova from Prague, Czech Republic. I discovered her blog by accident, two years ago. She was a jury for one outfit competition on MyStuff.sk that I entered (and won). I found that we have similar tastes in clothes and started following her blog.  I love her original rockish outfits!

Check her blog here >>>  http://www.milkwoman.cz/

ARTICLE: How is style different from fashion?

   Next thing I want to recommend you is a philosophy of fashion article I found on HubPages: "How is style different from fashion?". An interesting take on Style Vs. Fashion. Instead of interpreting the article I'll just leave you with couple of lines from it: 

   "Those who think for themselves about what to wear have what is called style. Those who allow others to think for them have fashions. Style is autonomous, because one rules over one's own mind, gives oneself principles for governing one's outfit. Style is authentic, because it is a true expression of oneself, and not merely an expression of the zeitgeist in which one inhabits. Style is poetic, because it is creative, an original expression of oneself in a sphere of activity."

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lotta van Droom

    For the end, I want to recommend you to check a gallery of one super talented photographer - Lotta van Droom. She's originally from Germany but lives in Ireland. She discovered her love for photography at the age of 14. Since then she creates her dream world. Each of her photographs has a story and they all present reflections of her moods, feelings, dreams and aspirations. By her own words, she looks for extraordinary in her photos. "I pick people up on a pedestal, on which I form them, so that they become extras in my dream world."

Check her gallery here >>> www.lotta-van-droom.com



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