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February 8, 2015

GIFT GUIDE: Valentine's Day gifts for HIM & HER

The day of love is approaching and if you haven't purchased a gift for your significant other yet, you still have enough time to do it. Out of ideas?!


  We, girls, consider ourselves to be pretty good gift givers. Need some thoughtful gift ideas for your mother, sister, or best girlfriend? Piece of cake. But let’s face it: Shopping for guys can be hard! So, I always go for his favorite perfume, piece of clothing or accessory that matches my boyfriend's style etc, and I rarely make a mistake. If your boyfriend (like mine) likes urban clothing and stuff here are some gift ides with text links where to find them.

1. Nixon "Sentry" Wrist Watch 2. Hater snapback 3. Calvin Klein One Shock EDT
4. Camo Boxer Briefs 5. Classic Club Sunglasses 6. Vintage Camera Photo Album
7. Famous T-shirt 8.  Army Tag Pendant Necklace 9. Tartan Scarf


 Nobody is going to be disappointed with a bunch of flowers and some chocolates on Valentine’s Day. But it’s a little too safe, isn’t it? Before shopping I suggest you to ask yourself these two questions: What does my girl love? What would surprise her? Take a gamble with some of the gift ideas bellow, especially if your girlfriend has a bit different taste than usual. You'll see text links bellow so you can easily find them online.

1. Anatomical Heart Necklace 2. Ruby Noir Scalloped Candle 3. Sephora Sugar Plum Lipstick
4. Cat Coin Purse 5. Embossed Journal 6. Giant Queen Of F*cking Everything Mug
7. Red Satin Lingerie Set 8. Cacharel Perfume Amor Amor (Forbidden Kiss)
9. Small Heart Print Cardigan


  1. Super post! Momak moze da dobije Famous majicu ali Hater kacket bih uzela za sebe *_*

    Ljubac od Anje :*

  2. These are fabulous ideas! I would definitely be happy to receive any of those items!

  3. Great ideas dear, that vintage camera photo album is so rad I'm gonna get it for me :D Haha!
    If someone would PLEEEEEEEEEEASE gift me a commander Shepard cosplay costume for Valentine's day I would be sooo happy! :D


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