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January 3, 2015

MAKEUP CORNER: Favorite Makeup Products in 2014

Hey dolls! Wishing you all a Happy New Year! This is my first post in 2015 and I wanted
 to start with something different. I have to turn back to 2014 once again to share with you
 makeup products which I used and which were my favorites in the year behind us. I think 
that it's a good introduction for the new "BEAUTY" section on my blog. From now on you'll
 have a chance to read about my experience with makeup and beauty products I use,
recommendations, tips, etc. Let's go!

3 EYES CONCEPT LIQUID LIP GLOSS SET - 3 Eyes Concept is the cosmetic line created
 by the Korean fashon store STYLE NANDA. Actually, I found this lip gloss set on ROMWE
 online fashion store. It looked quite cute and I wanted to try out the various colors it has. Set
includes 12 different shades, as you can see most of them are pink, but there are coral, peach,
orange, red and lavander glosses too. Best thing about this set is that none of the lip glosses 
contains any shimmer and they are very pigment. One more thing I like about them is that
they are not sticky (I hate sticky lip glosses) and they stay put quite a long time. I used
 them often last couple of months and I totally recommend you to try them out.
FEMME COUTURE MAKEUP - Next favorite makeup products come from the
brand Femme Couture. I first met with their products last Summer when a friend of mine 
came from USA and since he works in a makeup store there, he brought me a couple of 
makeup products as a gift. Among them were MINERAL EFFECTS FLORAL BLUSH 
in soft spoken pink and MONSTER LASH SUPER VOLUME MASCARA in blackest
 black by Femme Couture. I was totally satisfied with  both products and they become a 
part of my makeup routine. Blush includes two colors which you can use together or 
separate to highlight cheeks. It has no shimmer and sparkles which is good, it is very finely
 milled and very pigment. Mascara has a basic spiral bristle, well that is something
 I haven't seen in a while. The color is rich, deep and black, the consistency is smooth
 and a even a little bit wet. 

ACTION 100 I demand a lot from my foundation. I
want a long-lasting coverage that doesn't rub off and
barely-there feeling, no mask-like look and I want my 
skin to breathe. I tried different foundations but none of
them managed to meet my expectations. Few months
ago I bumped on this foundation by Astor and was 
pretty surprised with it's effect. It has a creamy texture
and it's easy to spread out and blend. The coverage
looks wonderfully natural and skin looks fresh. No shimmer. Overall I'm more than satisfied with it.
MAC EYE SHADOWS - I rarely use eye shadows, but when I do those are only black, 
grey and white shades. I bought two amazing pallets from MAC and I'm so in love with 
them. MAC EYE SHADOW X4 in Rainy Season (from their All About Orange collection)
is composed of shades of grey in various textures creating a monochromatic smokey eye 
and MAC MINERALIZE EYE SHADOW X4 in A Waft of Grey, featuring frosty
white, shimmery silver, sparkling gunmetal and deep matte black which is perfect for
 party makeup.

PALLADIO HERBAL EYE LINER - And one more of my favorite makeup products
 in 2014 was a herbal eye liner in pure black by Palladio. It's easy to apply, you don't
have to sharpen it, the color is reach, and it's waterproof. It lasts all day. I'm totally
 pleased with it. I can't believe I actually found an eye liner that stays put.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Did you try any of these products?
What's your experience?


  1. Bah, hate sticky lip glosses too, haven't found one that doesn't feel like I'm wearing bodily fluids on my lips...yuk! :D
    Love the post dear! Haven't used any of the products here, but might try the lip gloss :D

  2. Volim senke u crnim i sivim nijansama.

  3. Super post! Imala sam ovaj Palladio eye liner ali black brown i odlican je :)


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