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December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015


Hey dolls! So, the New Year is just around the corner... Can you believe it? Time really flies!
At this time of the year we all get a bit nostalgic, melancholic, but excited too... excited about
all the things about to come. Today, since this will be the last post in 2014, I wanted to share 
with you a brief recap of my style in it. Like in 2013, I didn't care much about trends this year.
 Trends come and go, some return quickly, some stay forgotten for years until they have their
 revival and some never come back. Anyway, it's good to know what's IN at the moment,
you can always find some new elements to "upgrade" and refresh your style. Earlier it was
hard for me to describe my personal style, I was experimenting a lot trying to build a style
that I would feel good in it and that would reflect my personality, my philosophy, attitude,
interests etc. Now I would describe it as a mixture of different genres of rock 'n' roll. Most
dominating are punk and grunge, sometimes mixed with rocka/psycho/horrorbilly way of
 clothing, sometimes spiced with a boho vibe, and here and there flirting with current trends
in fashion. That will be the base for my style in the coming year. I won't give up on biker
jackets, combat boots and round sunglasses, but I'm open to embracing new things that I
will discover in the way. In front of you are some of my dearest fashion moments in 2014,
and judging by your comments they were your favorites too. Thanks everyone for being
with me on this journey and I invite you to stay with me next year. Have a fabulous night
tonight and may all your wishes and goals for 2015 come true! 


  1. Can't wait to see your posts in 2015 :) Happy new year!




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