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April 7, 2014



The idea of creating a section like this on the blog was hanging on my mind for a long time. I was thinking about sharing with you some other things I like and enjoy besides fashion and style related ones, to recommend you a book or movie or something you might find interesting too. Enjoy my first recommendations and if you decide to check some of them or already checked them I'd like to read your thoughts. You are more than welcome to recommend me something or make a suggestion about the new section. :)

MOVIE:  The Suicide Shop (2012)

 First thing I want to recommend you is a movie that I watched couple of days ago - The Suicide Shop (original title "Le magasin des suicides") based on a black comedy novel of the same name by the French writer Jean Teulé. It is set in a future near-apocalyptic city in a world suffering the ravages of severe climate change, where everybody is depressed. In that cold and gray city there is a family Tuvache that runs a family business "The Suicide" shop where you can find everything you could possibly need to take your own life, from poisons, rusty razorblades and nooses to hara-kiri swords. It's interesting that the family members are named for famous celebrity suicides, father "Mishima" Tuvache is meant to evoke Yukio Mishima, a Japanese author, poet, playwright, actor, and film director, then the anorexic oldest son is named Vincent, for Vincent Van Gogh and the daughter Marilyn, of course, is meant to mirror Marylin Monroe. Sure thing, I'm not going to tell you the whole story, just a little indication. After new baby in family was born, this morbid, macabre family finds it hard to focus on business cause Alan (baby was named after British gay mathematician Alan Turing) was a happy baby, baby that made everyone happy. It's up to you to find out what happens... If you're a fan of animation, dark comedies and musicals you're gonna love this movie.

MUSIC: Trentemøller - The Last Resort (2006)

For my next recommendation from France we are moving to Denmark. OK, I'm a punkrocker but I enjoy listening to different types of electronic music as well. If you are fan of electronic music too, like minimal, down-tempo and ambient and still didn't have a chance to meet brilliant Trentemøller I would recommend you to start with his debut album "The Last Resort". Taken as a whole, the mood might be slightly dark, but it is always exhilarating, never depressing. My personal favorite tracks are "Take Me Into Your Skin", "Evil Dub" and "Moan". Even though it is completely instrumental you can really feel the passion behind Trentemøller's music. He needs no word - the music itself is a journey. Enjoy it!

ART: Minjae Lee Illustrations

Minjae Lee is young illustrator and painter from South Korea. His works are filled with colors,  aggressive scenes and a clever blend of  beauty, innocence and fragility. Human face is his biggest inspiration. He uses old-fashioned tools, such as markers, pens, crayons, acrylics, to create his illustrations. It's all about pattern and texture that just adds more authenticity to his works. Check out his amazing illustrations here.

BOOK: Lars Svendsen - Fashion: A Philosophy (2006)

For the end, I wanna recommend you a book. A philosophy book, but not so off the topic. We used to read this book on college for an exam from aesthetics. The book is called "Fashion: A Philosophy" by Norwegian philosopher Lars Svendsen. These two words don't usually sit side by side, but this philosopher seems to be a secret fashionista. In "Fashion: A Philosophy" Svendsen dives into that world in fashion, exploring the myths, ideas, and history that make up haute couture, the must have trends over the centuries, and the very concept of fashion itself. He probes it's place in art, politics and history but ultimately he focuses on the most common use of the term: clothing. If you thought that philosophy can't be fun this book will change your mind for sure.



  1. Super post! Volim animirane filmove, pa jos francuski sigurno cu pogledati ovaj :)

  2. I hated philosophy! We had this weird professor who looked like Santa Claus and didn't let us think for yourselves.
    I think this book would be a super interesting read though, I'm gonna see if I can find it here! ^^

  3. Great post! Especially the first movie sounds awesome! I really want to see that one!

    x Dawn


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