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March 1, 2014

FAVE LOOKS| February

Hi guys! I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Since new month has started here's another "Fave Looks"
 post. Here are some of the blogger looks that caught my eye the most during February. I hope you find
 them inspirational as much as I do. And I hope I've introduced you to some new blogs. This is definitely 
going to be a regular rubric from now on, cause I really enjoy making this kind of posts. Also, I love 
discovering new blogs so you're free to leave me in your comments links to your fave blogs or some 
blogs you think I might like. Since Dare 2 Wear is celebrating it's third birthday this month I think that
it's time to add some changes when it comes to rubrics and to post more often, and not just about 
fashion but about other things that I like, enjoy, do... To introduce you more to my everyday life.
Just stay tuned! :)

                          Rachel-Marie// JAG LEVER                                   Mafalda// LAST TIME AROUND

                        Wendy// TEEN SPIRIT                                             Keit// BEAUTY IN INSANITY

                               Claudia// BE HEPBURN                                             Iris// FASHION ZEN

                               Juule// A PRETTY PASS                                    Jenny// ROCK N ROLLER

                    Jennifer// ART IN OUR BLOOD                                          Ana Sofia// MEXIQUER 



  1. Gorgeous girls, I am going to visit Rachel's and Wendy's
    I am inviting you to take part $80 Jollychic Giveaway
    Happy weekend

  2. Aaaaw! Thank you so much for featuring me in here! This means so much to me! ^_^

  3. Shakno! Prvibi predposlednji-wow!;)



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