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May 23, 2018

 Hello girls, in today's post I'd like to introduce you to an online store that I just discovered. It's EverydayWigs. As their name suggests, they are specialized in selling wigs, both synthetic and made of real human hair. I especially want to recommend you to check out their offer of lace front wigs. But before that let's see what are lace wigs and what types are there. 
  Lace wigs are made as a cap with lace, and each of hairs is individually hand-tied onto the lace which creates an illusion that hair is growing out of your scalp. This type of wigs is very popular among celebrities and models. There are two types of lace wigs: full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Full lace wigs have lace all around and you need to cut a hairline around your head when you apply it. Once you done that you can wear a high ponytail, free part anywhere etc. You can cut it, dye it, iron it or change it in any way you like. Just treat it as your natural hair. Full lace wigs are comfortable to wear and the lace allows your hair to breathe. The second type, as it's name says, has lace only on the front. It has an adjustable strap and combs in the back. With this type of lace wig you lack the freedom to change it as you wish, but it's also a good choice depending on your needs. 
  Everyday wigs offers a huge assortment of lace front wigs. What grabbed my attention the most are their ombre lace front wigs. They also have wigs in different colors. They have black wigs, brown wigs, blonde lace front wigs, as well as red, pink, green etc. You can choose by lentght, long, short or medium. Or by type: braided, bob, straight, curly or wavy. Visit them today and find a perfect wig for yourself at super low prices.


Kisses until next post,
 Summer is almost here, and it's time to freshen up our closets with some hot, trendy Summer items. So, for today I've gathered a wishlist with my favorite items lately on Zaful. I wrote you many times before about this store and why I love it. They are offering a wide range of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Here are my favorites for the Summer:


  First here's a matching set of crop top and shorts with cute dots print. Dots are back for this season in a big way. I'm a fan of of small dots print. This set is perfect for Summer. You can wear it on the beach for example. The price of thi set is $18.49.


 When talking about beach and vacation what we'll all girls need this Summer are cool bikinis. Zaful offers a large assortment of bikinis in different styles, colors and prints. I especially like this self-tie knot bandeau bikini set in brick red. It's also available in sky blue and yellow. The price is only $15.99.


 My next choice is this beautiful asymmetric slip dress with tropical print. This store offers variety of Summer dresses at super affordable prices. This one costs $17.79. 


 Still in the ochre yellow mood my last choice for today is this bell sleeve off the houlder top with daisy print. Florals are always in for Summer and ochre is one of the hottest color trends right now, so this piece is a good investment for only $14.99. 

 How do you like my picks?

Kisses until next post,

May 20, 2018

 Hey there again! Another wishlist for today! This time I'm sharing with you my favorites from an online store Dresslily. I haven't been on their website recently and when I visited them again I was surprised with so many new and fashionable items. They have quite a large assortment of super stylish shoes, clothes, bags, accessories and jewllery. And that's not all! Here are some items that grabbed my attention the most, and there's something for every category.


 The first item that I want to recommend you to check out is this spaghetti strap high low lace maxi dress. It's perfect for any special event, birthday party, attending a wedding, cocktail partyor simply for a night out in town with friends. It's easy to accessorize, just add a perfect pair of sandals and a small bag and you're ready to go. 

 Talking about sandals, I totally fell in love with this pair. They are elegant and edgy at the same time. I love the studs detail and the block heel. It's easy to match them with different outfits. 


  Next item that caught my attention is this lovely white crossbody bag with floral details. A perfect Spring bag, right? Because of this floral details it may not be easy to match it with any look, so go for secure options like monochromatic dresses, jumpsuits or two piece outfits. There are many beautiful bags on Dresslily, so be sure to view more.


   Finally here's a piece of jewellery that I liked the most on Dresslily. It's a pair of chandelier earrings with faux pearls, chains and feathers. Elegant pair of earrings with a bohemian vibe. Rosegal offers such a huge selection of jewellery items. There are dozens of beautiful earrings, rings, necklaces etc. And the prices are more than affordable! 

Don't miss to visit Dresslily today and pick your favorites!

Kisses until next post,
 Hey girls! Happy Sunday! For today's post on Dare 2 Wear I've gathered a wishlist with some super cool items from Rosegal. Rosegal offers pretty large assortment of fashionable clothes: tops, dresses, pants, skirts etc. as well as trendy shoes, bags and accessories. I've picked a little bit of everything.


My first pick is this yellow floral print dress. I love its' unique design. Totally cool for Summer days with some flats or sandals. My next choice is this interesting star print top. Also great for Summer and easy to match with almost anything. 


  When it comes to bags, Rosegal has a large assortment of different kinds of bags. Their selection follows the popular trends, and they get new models often. I haven't visited their website for sometime nd I was totally surprised with their new bags. I literally love every single bag from their store. This one particularly draw my attention. It brings some vintage and edgy vibes at the same time, and I love it! My next chice are these beautiful black sandals. They go well with almost any outfit.


  Here's one cute bikini from their website. They have so many amazing bikinis. If you like this kind of bikinis there's planty more waiting for you on Rosegal. And for the end, one accessory that is on trend this season - hairbend. The print is pretty cool, right?

What you think about my choices?
Which item you like best?

Until the next post,

May 14, 2018

Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija

 U proteklih par meseci imala sam prilike da testiram makeup proizvode brenda Bell HYPOAllergenic. Njihova šminka je cruelty free, vegan/vegetarian friendly i dermatološki testirana. Namenjena je pre svega onima sa osetljivom kožom, no to ne sprečava nas, čija koža to nije, da uživamo u njihovim proizvodima. Primetila sam da ovaj brend nije tako popularan kod nas, kao što je to slučaj sa drugim zemljama. Ako mene pitate, to je prava šteta jer su im proizvodi zaista kvalitetni, bar to mogu potvrditi za one proizvode koje sam isprobala.

Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija
Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija
   BELL HYPOALLERGENIC LIQUID LIP LACQUER - Krenuću od proizvoda koji me je posebno oduševio, a to je tečni ruž u nijansi 05. Zapravo, u pitanju je takva formulacija koja predstavlja kombinaciju sjaja i tečnog ruža. Istovremeno pruža i intenzivan sjaj i intenzivnu boju. Potrebna su dva sloja da potpuno i ravnomerno prekrije usne. Vizuelno povećava usne, i nalik tečnim ruževima postojan je, traje nekoliko sati, što je odlična karakteristika za jedan sjaj za usne. Nije previše lepljiv, kao što je to slučaj sa nekim drugim sjajevima. Ne isušuje usne, već ih hidrira. Nijansa je nežna roze, odlična za one prilike kada nosite laganu šminku ili nemate puno vremena da se našminkate. Ne pamtim kada sam poslednji put koristila neki sjaj za usne. Ovaj mi se baš dopada i često ga koristim.

Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija
Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija

   BELL HYPOALLERGENIC SKIN CAMOUFLAGE CONCELEAR - Sledeći proizvod koji sam testirala je Skin Camouflage Concelear - paleta korektora. Sastoji se iz 4 nijanse, dve bež koje možete koristiti i kombinovati prema svojim potrebama, da sakrijete bilo kakve nesavršenosti i nedostatke, tu je zatim zeleni korektor koji neutrališe crvenilo, prikriva bubuljice i ispucale kapilare, i konačno rozikasti korektor koji osvetljava, sakriva tamne kolutove ispod očiju i tragove umora. Pakovanje je veoma simpatično i praktično. Tekstura ovih korektora je kremasta, nisu previše gusti. Najbolje je nanositi ih prstima, u dodiru sa toplotom postanu kremastiji te je lakše raditi sa njima. Rozikasti korektor mi sasvim lepo prosvetli podočnjake, zeleni prekrije crvenilo, a bež korektori prekriju ostale nedostatke. Za moje potrebe sasvim dobar efekat. Ne skupljaju se u sitnim borama, ne isušuju kožu, ne ističu suve delove. Veoma su postojani, a trajaće još duže, bukvalno dok ne skinete šminku ukoliko ih fiksirate.

Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija
Bell HYPOAllergenic Srbija

  BELL HYPOALLERGENIC LONG & VOLUME MASCARA - I na kraju par reči o Long & Volume maskari. Dolazi u interesantnoj ambalaži i sadrži 32 gr proizvoda. Ono što ova maskara svojim nazivom obećava jeste maksimalno naglašen izgled trepavica, produžavanje i volumen. To zaista i radi. Moderno dizajniran i jednostavna za rukovanje četkica ove maskare lepo odvaja trepavice, lepo ih podigne, maksimalno ih produžava i daje im volumen. Pritom ih ne slepljuje i ne stvara grudvice. Boja na trepavicama je intenzivno crna, sa dva sloja postićićete pun efekat ove maskare. Veoma je postojana, može potrajati i ceo dan bez razmazivanja. Sve u svemu jedna kvalitetna maskara, koju često koristim u svojoj rutini šminkanja.

Uvoznik Bell HYPOAllergenic proizvoda kod nas je Moya Drogerija, na njihovom sajtu možete pogledati celokupnu ponudu proizvoda ovog brenda kao i prodajna mesta:
Da li ste već isprobale neki proizvod ovog brenda?

Do narednog posta,

May 13, 2018

  Bielenda je relativno novi brend na našem tržištu. U pitanju je poljski kozmetički brend koji se bavi proizvodnjom visoko kvalitetnih prirodnih preparata za negu tela i kose. U Bielendi veruju da najsigurniju i najbolju negu mogu pružiti samo najkvalitetniji aktivni sastojci. Tako je nastala njihova kolekcija za negu tela i kose sa aktivnim ugljem - Carbo Detox. Imala sam prilike da isprobam nekoliko proizvoda iz ove linije, a danas vam prenosim utiske o proizvodima za negu kose i to šamponu i maski za kosu. Uvoznik ovog brenda kod nas je www.glossyline.com, gde možete pogledati celokupnu ponudu Bielenda proizvoda kod nas.

  Interesantno je da su svi proizvodi iz Carbo Detox linije crne boje, i pritom ne mislim samo na njihova moderno dizajnirana pakovanja već i na same proizvode. No to ne treba da nas čudi s obzirom da je aktivni ugalj njihov glavni sastojak, i ne treba da nas brine jer je sastav ovih proizvoda potpuno prirodan. Bielenda Carbo Detox šampon za kosu - aktivni ugalj dolazi u praktičnom, plastičnom pakovanju i sadrži 250ml proizvoda. Prema rečima proizvođača ima efekat detoksikacije, brzo i efikasno pere sve tipove kose sa tendencijom mašćenja. Inovativna formula zasnovana na aktivnom ugljeniku efikasno pročišćava kosu i kožu glave od viška sebuma i drugih nečistoća, Detoksifikuje i smanjuje proizvodnju sebuma i masti. Jaka apsorbujuća svojstva aktivnog uglja duboko čiste kosu i kožu glave, a d-panthenol regeneriše, daje sjaj kosi, smanjuje iritaciju kože, olakšava češljanje i sprečava kidanje krajeva. Ostali sastojci ovog šampona regulišu funkciju lojnih žlezda čime se smanjuje mašćenje kose i kože, jačaju kosu, sprečavaju njeno slabljenje i opadanje. Koristi se tako što se ravnomerno nanese na vlažnu kožu, potrebno je nežno masirati teme i vlasi kose a zatim isprati. Ukoliko je potrebno ponoviti postupak. Ovaj šampon koristim već mesec dana, i ono što sam primetila već nakon prvog pranja jeste da kosa izgleda zdravije, sjajnija je, meka na dodir, lako se rašćešljava i što je najvažnije ne masti se brzo, tako da i drugog dana nakon pranja izgleda odlično. Ovaj šampon je za mene pravo otkriće, zaista sam prijatno iznenađena rezultatima. Zasigurno jedan od boljih šampona koji sam imala prilike da koristim. Za bolji efekat preporučuje se korišćenje maske i regeneratora iz ove linije. Budući da se ne farbam već par godina kosa mi nije oštećenja pa i ne koristim regenertore ali maska mi je dobrošla. O njoj vam pišem u nastavku posta.

  Bielenda Carbo Detox maska za kosu sa aktivnim ugljem pruža efektivnu negu svim tipovima kose sa tendencijom mašćenja. Dubinski hidrira, regeneriše, smanjuje mašćenje i obnavlja vlasi kose. Kosu čini sjajnom, glatkom, elastičnom, olakšava češljanje, sprećava lomljenje krajeva i elektrifikaciju. Uz aktivni ugalj sadrži i keratin, duboko prodire u vlas kose, ispunjava mikro defekte, obnavlja, dodaje volumen i vlas kose čini debljom. To je što se tiče onoga što sam brend kaže o ovom proizvodu. Maska dolazi u plastičnoj kutijici i sadrži 300ml proizvoda. Koristi se tako što se nanese na vlažnu kosu, izbegavajući teme. Sačekati 2-3 minuta i zatim isprati. Preporučuje se da se koristi 2-3 puta nedeljno. Ja je koristim dva puta nedeljno. Nakon korišćenja ove maske primetila sam da se kosa još lakše češlja, sjajna je i glatka. Takođe primetila sam da kosa nakon upotrebe ove maske ima odličan volumen. U kombinaciji sa šamponom ova maska daje sjajne rezultate. 

  Carbo Detox linija proizvoda za kosu brenda Bielenda me je potpuno oduševila. Nakon korišćenja ovih preparata, moja kosa izgleda zdravije, jače, svilenkasta je i meka na dodir, manje se masti i ima odličan volumen. Što se mene tiče iskreno vam prepouručujem da isprobate ove proizvode. Cena im je više nego povoljna! Cena šampona je 576 RSD a maske 792 RSD. Ostavljam vam i linkove do ovih proizvoda gde možete pronći dodatne informacije.



Kompletnu ponudu Bielenda proizvoda možete pogledati ovde:

U narednom postu pišem vam o dva proizvoda za negu tela iz Carbo Detox linije.
Da li ste već isprobale nešto od ovog brenda?


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