Autumn is in a full swing,  I used the last sunny day before the rains started to take photos with some new items from one of my favorite online stores, AMICLUBWEAR. You already saw these tan fringed high heels in my previous post. As I wrote you there, and you know it from before, I'm not a huge fan of high heels. My obsession with fringe trend continues and lately I'm totally mad about tan color so I had to have this pair. As well as this bag. Along with heels and booties that you saw in my previous post, I got this lovely knitted thingy too. I hope you'll like this black + tan combo. 
  And yeah, new hair color(s). Don't ask me how did I manage this! XD Simple! As you know, I cut my hair and did a purple ombre couple of weeks ago. Purple color washed out quickly and turned into hot pink. Too hot, for my taste, though people around me liked it. What I did is, I bought a Crazy Color in Peacock Blue and dyed my hair, knowing that it won't be that color, I expected some purple shades or in best case dark blue, but as you see it turned to rainbow. You know what, I like it so much! What you think?

knitted top: AMICLUBWEAR ● jeans: SHEIN ● shoes: AMICLUBWEAR
bag: DRESSIN ● necklace: DRESSIN ● sunglasses: EMBLEM EYEWEAR

  New season is here and it's time to refresh my wardrobe with some new items. I started ordering new clothes and shoes and can't wait for all of them to arrive. My love for everything fringed continues through Fall, so many of the things I ordered are following this trend. First fringed items arrived couple of days ago, in shape of shoes, from one of my favorite online stores called AMICLUBWEAR
  This time I ordered one pair of high heels and one pair of booties. I'm totally satisfied with both pairs, their design, quality and comfort. You know that I'm not a huge fan of heels, but from time to time one super cool pair of heels appears and I must have them! Also, tan color and similar tones were never my cup of tea... until this Fall! I'm so in love with this color now! First, I bought a fringed bag in tan color, so when I saw these heels on AMICLUBWEAR that was the "a-ha" moment. Perfect match! They're miiiine!

  Ankle boots are my No.1 choice for this Fall, and thanks to AMICLUBWEAR I found just the pair I was looking for. Simple design in black with fringed detail. Versatile, so I can wear them in different combinations, with skinny jeans and dresses, in boho or rock chic way...

Both pairs are on great discount, as well as many more amazing items at AMICLUBWEAR
 so be sure to check them up:


  While staying in Ćuprija (you could read about it here) I used the opportunity to visit neighboring city Paraćin, too. The distance between these two cities is little less than 10km. Unlike Ćuprija, I had a chance to visit Paraćin before. When I was a little girl I used to come here often with my parents. But, since it's been a long time since the last visit (nearly two decades), of course I couldn't remember anything about this place so it felt like I'm here for the first time. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to explore the city. I had just enough time to take a stroll down the city center, which is oh so beautiful, so colorful, with flowers on every corner, and by recommendation, stop by one amazing cafe, called Galerija (eng. Gallery) for a cup of coffee. Enjoy the photos I took and "see you" again in a few days!

location: city of Paraćin,
cafe Galerija, Paraćin

  Besides my passion to travel and visit new places, I also enjoy discovering interesting coffee shops with unique interiors, and of course good coffee. During my visit to Ćuprija (you could read about it in my previous post) I had an opportunity to come by one unusual, truly amazing coffee shop called Vagon. As it name says (eng. wagon) it's located in a an authentic train wagon which was used for transporting passengers at Serbian railways by the beginning of the 1980s. As a huge lover of trains, I immediately fall in love with both, it's exterior and interior. I came with my father, we took our seats and ordered some coffee. For me this was totally a new experience and for my father it was a reminder of  times he used to go to school traveling in a wagon like this one. Since there were no other "passengers" around I used the chance to take couple of photos. Enjoy the photos and music that follows them. And if you ever visit Ćuprija, here I'm regarding to Serbian readers especially, don't miss to stop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the retro vibes of caffe Vagon.