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December 13, 2018

 Hello dear blog readers! Have you heard about Derma Roller System before? If not in today's post on Dare 2 Wear I'm happy to introuce you to something new in the beauty industry. Derma roller or microneedle roller is a revolutionary hand-held device that iwill help your skin look better by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.  Using 200 extremely fine medical-grade needles this device painlessly creates microchannels in your skin. This microneedling is stimulating natural healing process that helps you get new and healthier tissue and skin, and because of that you'll be able to treat common problems that we experience as we age. You can deal with wrinkles, skin hyperpigmentation, scars, acne scarsm uneven skin, stretch marks, hair loss. Or you can simple use it to create a smoother skin.

 Derma roller can be used by both women and man, and depending on your needs it can be use for different treatments. For example it can be used in anti wrinkle and anti aging treatment. Next, it can be used in cellulite treatment, for cellulite reduction and removal. It can also be used in hair loss, hair restoration process, in scar removal and much more. You can find more about treatments with derma roller here: https://dermarollersystem.com/pages/treatments.
 The most important thing is understanding your skin, so you;ll now what it is what your skin needs and how to treat it. Skin renewal can be described simply as wound and heal. The youthful glow on a baby's skin is the result of constant skin renewal, which is the shedding of old skin cells continually being replenished by new ones. But as we enter our teen years and beyond, skin renewal starts to slow. When we reach our 40's and 50's, skin only sheds approximately once every fifty-three days. Skin with unshed cells build up on the skins' surface, and becomes a dual culprit to our skins' dull, aging appearance. But derma roller can help us a lot! The Derma Roller System is an effective way to smoothen our skin, by stimulating collagen and elastin and repairing our skin from the inside.

What you think about Derma Roller System and about 
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December 12, 2018

Image Source: Unsplash

 Hunting for animals has long been many people’s past times and remains a sport that’s popular. Animals’ highly sensitive sense of smell as well as keen vision give them the upper hand in the wold. Interestingly, there are camouflage clothes as well as laundry detergents that consist of UV brighteners, easily detectable by animals. Certain fragrances of fabric softeners and clothing detergents are also easier for animals to detect compared to our natural human scent.

Choosing The Right Detergent For Your Hunting Clothes

If you want to gain the upper hand in the woods and fields, you should opt to use detergents that don’t have perfumes and UV brighteners. The prey is hardly going to mind even if you may not look bright and clean. Look for laundry detergents labelled eco-friendly or natural as they don’t usually contain brighteners. Read the labels!

Alternatively, once you’ve bought your clothes like the ones labelled Harkila UK hunting enthusiasts get from Great British Outfitters, look for detergents specifically designed for military uniforms and hunters. Even a night vision equipment can spot optical brighteners that detergents leave behind, leaving military troops at risk.

There are even scent eliminator spray-ons you can buy on the market, perfect for your skin, gear and clothing.

How To Wash Your Hunting Clothes

Besides picking the right detergent, here are a few laundry tips to help you gain the upper hand.

Rid your washer of scent.

Before washing out gear with the right detergent, be sure to thoroughly clean your washer and your dryer to get rid of scented softeners, detergents, and dryer sheet residue.

Handwash clothes.

Use large utility sink or a tub to hand wash your clothes in.

Add baking soda.

Pour in one cup of baking soda to your final rinse to get rid of odours.

Opt to air dry.

Air dry your clothes on an outside clothesline and then put them in anairtight plastic bag to prevent any other odours sticking to the fabrics.

Learn sleeping bag techniques.

Use the same washing techniques and detergents for your sleeping bags as well as other camping gear.

Use standard appliances.

If you’re using regular laundry appliances, don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softener on the hunting gear.

Wash regularly.

Regularly wash your hunting clothes to prevent bodily odours building up within the fibres.

Image Source: Pixabay

Keep clothes sealed.

Keep your clothes sealed until you get to your camp or hunting stand. Don’t wear them while driving, eating or pumping gas. To prevent scent from transferring, put on gloves when you handle outer garments.


Cleaning Your Game Bags

In hunting, bringing back the game is an important part of your adventure, so know how to clean your game bags to ensure they are bacteria-free and reusable.

Clean your bags rigorously to protect the kill and safety of the ones eating it. If you’re out on ahunt and want to hang your game before you decide to head back home, make sure you rinse the bags when the meat is already hanging. Use the water that can get out as much soil and blood as you can and leave your bags to dry before re-bagging the meat.

Image Source: Pixabay

After your hunt, aim to clean the game bags as soon as possible. Use detergents that are unscented and heavy-duty,along with hot water and chlorine bleach that’s a light solution.

These tips will help you have a successful hunting season!

November 27, 2018

Image Source: Pixabay

  Despite the knowledge that beauty comes in all sizes, the conundrum of finding a prom dressthat is currently in style and affordablefor plus size ladies is still commonplace. Hence, the need to redefine the rules of dressing that opens up the assortment of clothing choices for plus-size body shapes and sizes.

  Being plus-sized does not mean you have to settle for outdated designs or spend hefty amounts for custom-made outfits because there are trendy and reasonably priced clothes that you can take advantage of. For starters, you can check out plus size prom dresses 2019 online and easily find items that match your needs and fashion preferences.

Now, here are tips to dressing for plus sizes:

1. Find the perfect fit.

  While many would comment that certain colours, such as white and bright colours, should be avoided as these tend to make one look larger, stylists recommend that focusing more on the fit rather than the colour is the key to rocking a flattering prom dress. Even the classic black dress will not make one appear slimmer if it doesn’t fit the wearer’s body properly.

  So, for women who want to wear white, light pastel shades, and bright colours, make sure you choose one that is made from structured fabrics instead of flimsy materials. Also, make sure that the colour you choose complements your complexion. A vibrant red prom dress that fits properly and has a nice cut can be flattering for plus sizes and shapes. To know more on how to pick the right clothes for your body, there are several related articles you can find online.

2. Choose a style that complements your shape.


Image Source: Pixabay

  There are caveats to the belief that certain body types will always look good in certain styles. Specifically, unless the style accents your features properly, then it is best to look for alternative options. For example, many would suggest the Empire waist as a default for plus-sized women but there are a number of other factors that you need to consider. Full-busted plus-size women or those who may be heavy around the midsection will not benefit from an Empire cut. But, if you’re a plus-size with a smaller bust or appear to be bottom-heavy, then the Empire waist can work best to complement your shape. The style draws the attention upward, toward the neckline andthe waist.

3. Go for flattering details.

  Don’t limit your choices to plain clothing. You can choose clothing with details that highlight your favourite features. Properly placed accents that enhance your shape, such as a good ruche and strategically-placed ruffles, can provide support for areas where your body needs them without adding unnecessary volume. Vertical ruffles attached on one side of the dress have an elongating appeal. For a more defined waistline, you can look into curved princess seams located on the sides.

Image Source: Unsplash

  Prints can also be flattering. Opt for large prints that are in proportion to the scale of your body and even go for the current trend of watercolourprints on properly fitting dresses. Don’t discriminate against stripes as with the right choice, you can harness the powers of optical illusion to your benefit. For example, choose light-coloured stripes with a dark background for a more flattering appeal. Asymmetrical stripes can also make large sizes appear smaller and stripes that angle inward give the waistline a slimmer appearance too. If the wearer wants to appear more svelte, thinner stripes are better recommended over thick ones.

  Indeed, dressing for plus-size women need not be drab. With current fashion trends featuring interesting designs for plus sizes, all you need to complete the look of a prom queen is the crown of confidence that you wear with your stunning dress.
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