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December 4, 2016

 Happy Sunday dolls! In today's post I'd like to share with you a couple of tips and things you should have in mind before buying virgin hair products online. 

  WHAT IS VIRGIN HAIR? Virgin hair refers to hair that is totally unprocessed and intact. It must meet rigorous standards in order to qualify as virgin hair. These are as following:

  • 100% Human Hair
  • NEVER been permed, bleached, dyed, colored or chemically processed in any way.
  • cut off of the hair donor in one ponytail.
  • all the cuticle layers intact.
  • all the cuticles  facing the same direction. 
  • the hair will never tangle.

 All other hair extensions that you find in shops on the internet have been treated by bleaching, coloring and sometimes texturizing. This hair extensions look great only for a certain amount of time and then you have to buy new ones. Real virgin hair lasts a very long time (if it is cared for properly), longer than any other type of hair. You can bleach it and dye it to match your natural hair, but remember virgin hair extension are always in dark colors, so when you see blond virgin hair extensions you can be completely sure that these are fake!!!


 TYPES OF VIRGIN HAIR: Virgin hair can come from any person and any country, but some of the most popular ones include Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, etc. Brazilian hair is dominating the market. It is one of the best textures. It feels so natural to the touch, and you can hardly tell that it's a hair extension. Compared to Peruvian or Malaysian hair, that we mentioned above, it has the most natural feel. It's not too soft or too rough and it can easily blend with different hair types. One of the benefits of Brazilian virgin hair is it's flexibility that allows you to style it in different ways. You can color it, dye it, straighten it or make curls and waves. Brazilian virgin hair extensions come as straight, wavy and curly. Another good side of Brazilian virgin hair is it's durability and longevity. Brazilian hair lasts longer than other types of virgin hair.

 STYLES & TEXTURES: As I said before, there are three main types of Brazilian virgin hair: straight, wavy and curly.  The wavy type itself comes in many forms: body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave, ocean wave etc. and curly comes in deep curly, kinky curly etc. Straight hair is just straight, but it still looks wonderful, right? 


  WHERE TO BUY: When buying virgin hair extensions it's important to find reliable wholesale hair vendors. There are many online sellers on the web, but not all of them are trust-worthy. Before deciding to buy hair extensions on some website think well about the quality of the products as well as the price, search for some customers' reviews on forums or so, and you can also contact the vendor and ask the vendor about everything you need to know before making a purchase.

I hope you liked this post and I hope you find it useful.
Do you wear hair extensions? Do you have any experience
 with virgin hair ones?

December 2, 2016

  Za kraj radne nedelje Stefanija Aleksić, saradnica D2W-a sa vama deli recept kako da sami napravite snickers čokoladice. Njami! Ukoliko isprobate recept obavezno javite kako je vama ispalo!

* * *

  Moglo bi se reći da nema čoveka koji ne voli čokoladu. Takvima preti opasnost da ovaj recept postane omiljen. Jer, ko još moze odoleti snikersu a još u umanjenom izdanju? Pa čokoljupci, navalite!


  • 300 grama alve
  • 300 grama keksa
  • 100 grama mlevenog kikirijija
  • 100 grama rastopljenog margarina ili maslaca
  • 2, 3 kašike mleka

  • 250 ml slatke pavlake
  • 250 grama sećera
  • 50 grama maslaca

  •  150 grama seckanog kikirikija

  • 200gr čokolade

  Od navedenih sastojaka napraviti smesu koja se oblikuje u čvrste pravougaonike malo zaobljene u uglovima. Preko njih staviti tanak sloj karamela, posuti sloj seckanog kikirikija pa ugladiti sa još malo karamela. Kada se ovo malo učvrsti umakati cele kolačice u čokoladu tako da budu obavijene čokoladom. I to je to, veoma jednostavno.

  Za karamel na tihoj vatri rastopiti sećer, a u drugoj posudi staviti slatku pavlaku i maslac da se zagreju dok ne počne da vri. Tada skloniti sa vatre i pistepeno sipati u potpuno rastopljen šećer, koji je dobio odgovarajuću boju. Mešati neprestano dok se smesa ne homogenizuje. Ovaj karamel se na sobnoj temperaturi može koristiti kao toping za sladoled ili kao preliv po želji. Dok se za snikersice moze čuvati u ohladjenoj prostoriji.

tekst, fotografije: 
Stefanija Aleksić

   Happy Friday dolls! It's time for some shopping! Today we're visiting one of my favorite stores - StyleWe. I already wrote you about them before. In case you missed that post let me tell you again about their concept. StyleWe is an online shopping platform that features independent fashion designers. They are focused on providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive products from independent designers from all over the world. If you're a fan o unique clothing pieces you're gonna love this store. Their goal is to help designers to build their own brands, as well as the costumers to find exactly what they are looking for. 
  The main idea behind StyleWe is to connect designers and customers, to make them communicate and create the world fashion scene together. I really love this concept, totally original and different from other stores that you can find on the internet. StyleWe is an online shopping destination that you need to bookmark and visit again and again. I can spend hours browsing their website. Pages and pages of beautiful and original dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, and so on. 
  Today I want to share with you about their collection of midi dresses. Visit StyleWe and you'll find many beautiful dress designs in midi length in various fabrications, styles, colors or patterns. Whatever your personal style and taste in fashion is, there are so many different options to choose from. Here are some of the dresses that I like the most, and of course there are many more on their website. So, don't miss to check them out. And check some 2017 must have items, as well.




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November 30, 2016

  Pozdrav svima! Ova sreda rezervisana je za novi beauty post koji je za vas pripremila nova saradnica D2W-a Stefanija Aleksić. U pitanju je jedan makeup look koji prati neke od najupečatljivijih make up trendova ove jeseni.

* * *

  Kada je u pitanju make up, neizostavna stvar ove jeseni jesu crvene i bordo nijanse i to ne samo kada su ruževi u pitanju već i senke. Zatim, ne zaostaju ni gliteri, u bilo kom obliku! Moj današnji look je omaž ovim trendovima, a zanimljivo je da sam za oči i usne koristila isti proizvod. U nastavku posta slede fotografije kao i lista proizvoda koje sam koristila.

Proizvodi koje sam koristila:

AURA Prime me foundation primer
NYX HD studio photogenic foundation
NYX jumbo eye pencil 604 milk lait
GOLDEN ROSE matte lipstick crayon 05
AVON quad true colour eyeshadow u nijansi mocha latte
GOLDEN ROSE extreme sparkle eyeliner (silver)
GOLDEN ROSE Long Stay gel eyeliner pure black
ESSENCE I love extreme volume mascara
AURA lashes 02
bronzer i hajlajter iz NYX beauty school dropout palette
IMPALA eyebrow pencil NO.3

Stefanija Aleksić, Sunflower Make up

November 28, 2016

  Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last outfit post. Finally here's the new one with some new Fall pieces that I got recently. Suede jacket is from DRESSLILY online store, jeans from SHEIN and turtleneck from IRISIE. Ankle boots with fringe detail are also new, I found them on AMI CLUBWEAR. Enjoy the photos and as always be free to leave a comment what you think.

jeans: SHEIN // jacket: DRESSLILY // turtleneck: IRISIE // bag: ROSEWHOLESALE
boots: AMI CLUBWEAR // sunglasses: EMBLEM EYEWEAR

November 23, 2016

Hi girls, today I have a special giveaway for you!
I teamed up with SammyDress online shop, and we prepared something special 
for all of you this time. 

SammyDress has a big Super November sale  where  you can win 100$ gift card.

All you have to do is leave here a comment with link back to your favorite item from SammyDress and your e-mail adress. 

The giveaway ends at the 30th of November , and 10 winners will be chosen to win a gift cards by SammyDress team. The results will be published also on the pages of SammyDress from 1st - 3rd of December. 

Now, when you all know what to do, 
go and find your favorites quickly and good luck!