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November 17, 2018

  I already wrote you about BerryLook before, an online fashion store that offers a wide range of women's clothes. They have dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and accessories at super affordable prices. Winter ic coming so in today's post I'll focus on their knitwear and outerwear and share with you some of my favorite items from their website. First, let's check out their selection of womens knitwear
 When it comes to sweaters and cardigans they have a huge selection of them in different designs, colors and patterns, with different kinds of embellisments etc. Weather you prefer long or short, simple or colorful, to follow your figure or oversized ones, they ave all these styles covered. Get warm and stylish this winter with this amazing online store. Be sure to check out their offer.


  Besides a wide assortment of sweaters BerryLook also offers different designs of sweater dresses. I really love sweater dresses and here are just some of the dresses that caught my attention when browsing their website.


  I also want to share with you about their collection of fashion women's outerwear. There's a wide selection of coats and jackets to match everyone's needs and taste in fashion. No matter what your personal style is there's a perfect winter coat or jacket waiting for you on BerryLook. Here are my picks.


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   Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! In today's post I'd like to take you to one amazing online store. I already wrote you about them before. They are PopReal and they are offering the cutest clothes for babies, toddlers and kids. They have everything for your child from clothing to accessories. Today we'll focus on their boy girl matching outfits. If you have twins or your boy and girl are similar age and you like to match their clothes, on PopReal you'll find some really cool outfits for your kids. Just take a look at these lovely matching outfits bellow. They are adorable, aren't they? These are great for some birthday party or other special event. There are different sizes available, so you can easily find pieces to fit your children. You'll find more beautiful matching clothes for your girl and boy if you check out this store.


  Next, I'd like to share with you about their selection of newborn outfits. If you're looking for clothes for your newborn child PopRea is the right place for you. They have a wide range of dresses, two piece sets, outerwear etc. for both boys and girls. There are so many wonderful pieces which you can get at really affordable prices.


  People at PoReal are committed to provide customers with original, high quaity and exclusive products. Visit their website today, I'm sure you'll find coll and cute clothes for your kids. 

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November 9, 2018

  Hello lovelies! In today's post I'm about to introduce you to one super cool online fashion store that I discovered recently. The store is called LUVYLE and they have a wide range of beautiful, trendy clothes and shoes at more than reasonable prices. When it comes to clothes they have everything fromtops, sweaters, jackets, to botoms, dresses, skirts and more. Since we're deep into Fall the first thing I checked while browsing their website are womens fashion sweaters. They have a large selection of fashionable sweaters to meet everyone's style and taste in fashion.


  Here are just some of the cute sweater designs that I found on LUVYLE. I can't tell you which one I like the best. They all look gorgeous. Their website is very easy to browse, well organized and if you're looking for something specific when buying a sweater, you can browse their offer by color, size, material, collar & neckline, sleeve type, embellishment, or by season and occasion. In this way you can find what you're looking for more easily. For example, I'm having trouble finding a sweater with turtleneck, and on other sites you have to look through the whole category of sweaters in order to find a sweater like that, or even if you type the keyword in the search box it will show you everything but what you was looking for. On LUVYLE I just click on the "turtleneck" subcategory at the sidebar and I can see all the sweaters with a turtleneck in one place and make my choice super easy. And not just with a turtleneck, I like different kinds of sweaters, I find a lot of lovely sweaters on this store, but turtlecks are my latest obsession.


  After sweaters category, the net category that I checked are, of course, dresses! LUVYLE has such a huge assortment of dresses. The same as weith sweaters you can easily browse dresses too. You can choose by dress type: casual dresses, bodycon dresses, skater dresses, maxi dresses, party dresses etc. Browse by color, collar and neckline, dress silhouette, sleeve length, embellishment, material, pattern, by season, and by occasion.


  I found so many lovely cheap sexy dresses. Here are just few of them. Some are more elegant, some more casual. I easpecially like these two velvet dresses. They are in top of my wishlist! The snake print dress is very cool too! This print is very popular now. I'm not a huge fan of animal prints but this dress is nice and easy to style.


Have you heard about this store before?
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November 8, 2018

Image Source: Pixabay

  Asking a woman for her hand in marriage must be one of the most challenging experiences for any young man, what with the massive uncertainty involved, and in order to maximise your chances of a successful proposal, you should spend some time considering how you plan to pop the big question. The last thing you want to do is make her feel uncomfortable and while you might think it’s cool to propose in a very public way, you need to consider her feelings about such a public display. If you are unsure how to proceed with your planned marriage proposal, here are a few useful tips on getting it right.

  •  Is She the Outgoing Type? - If the answer is a resounding yes, then you can safely plan something public and a little out of the ordinary. If she is a quiet and reserved girl, you might want to consider a private proposal, with only the two of you present. Don’t forget to acquire that stunning pink diamond ring at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, who happen to be Australia’s leading online jeweller and with the ring sorted, you can focus your energy on the proposal.

Image Source: Pixabay

  •  Is She a Romantic? - Some girls do not respond well to a romantic type marriage proposal, while others absolutely love a romantic setting. If she is the practical kind who doesn’t like a lot of fuss, stick to something conservative. Take her to dinner and prepare your proposal (and ring) in a suitable way that won’t embarrass her. Ask yourself whether or not she would approve of your planned proposal method, especially if you are planning a big surprise.

  • Is the Proposal Expected? - Does she know what you are planning, or are you planning a really big surprise? If she is not expecting a marriage proposal, the risk of receiving the wrong response is obviously greater. You know her better than anyone, and you must follow your instincts on this one, and if you think she knows what you are planning, this should give you some extra confidence. There are articles you can find online that touches on the topic of marriage proposal Do’s and Don’ts, which should ensure you get it right on the night.

  •   Public or Private? Only you know which is more suitable, so make sure you don’t make this a public event if she is a private type of girl. The actual proposal might be best undertaken with only the two of you present, as you can make it as public as you like after the event, yet if she is the self-confident, outgoing type, there’s nothing wrong with proposing in a public place.

Image Source: Storyblocks

  Some men make the mistake of overlooking her feelings regarding the marriage proposal, which can end in disaster. Think carefully about her personality and if you feel confident that your planned marriage proposal is in line with her lifestyle and way of thinking, then you can proceed with a level of confidence. If you are really in doubt, why not ask her best friend how she thinks your fiancée would react? Getting a second opinion is always a good idea, especially when planning a marriage proposal.

November 6, 2018

  Veliko mi je zadovoljstvo da u današnjem postu na blogu mogu da vam predstavim nešto novo na našem tržištu. U pitanju je poljski kozmetički brend YOSKINE, čiji su proizvodi izrađeni po japanskoj recepturi, u saradnji sa Rohto Pharmaceuticals Group laboratorijama, iz kojih nam stižu i proizvodi brenda Hada Labo Tokyo, sa kojim ste, verujem, već upoznati. Uvoznik Yoskine proizvoda za Srbiju (kao i za Hada Labo, ali i brendove Perfecta, Byphasse i dr.) jeste Magic Beauty. Yoskine proizvode možete naći u prodajnim objektima DM drogerie. U proteklih desetak dana testirala sam dva proizvoda brenda Yoskine - proizvode za čišćenje lica iz linije Asayake Pure. No, pre nego sa vama podelim utiske o njima, želela bih da vas bliže upoznam sa filozofijom ovog brenda i ovom linijom proizvoda. 

  U izradi svojih proizvoda Yoskine koristi IN-YO tehnologiju. Šta je IN-YO tehnologija? IN-YO je japanski naziv za kineski YIN i YANG, dve suprotne ali komplementarne sile koje obezbeđuju konstantan protok energije i harmoniju u prirodi. Sada ćemo videti kako izgleda kada se ovaj filozofski koncept primeni u sferi proizvodnje kozmetike. IN-YO tehnologija predstavlja najsavremeniji pristup nezi kože i deluje na dva nivoa:

  IN'DETOX tehnologija sa čistim α-glucan-om oslobađa ćelije kože toksina i nečistoća. Tako prečišćene ćelije mogu efikasnije da apsorbuju hranjive sastojke.   

 YO'ACTIVE šalje aktivne hranljive sastojke direktno u epiderm i osigurava intenzivan podmlađujući efekat.

  U pitanju je, dakle, revolucionarni spoj detoksifikacije ćelija i napredne podmlađujuće nege kože. Balans i harmonija za istinsku lepotu! Yoskine u svojoj ponudi ima više linija proizvoda, a ona o kojoj će danas biti reči jeste linija proizvoda za čišćenje lica ASAYAKE PURE, što na japanskom znači jutarnji sjaj. Prema Yin-Yang filozofiji čišćenje lica predstavlja najvažniji segment negovanja kože. Važni su i ostali koraci u nezi, ali samo ako je koža dobro očišćena može primiti negujuće sastojke iz proizvoda koje smo naneli.  Iz Asayake Pure linije na testiranje sam dobila dva proizvoda: micelarnu vodu i gel za umivanje. U nastavku posta pročitajte kako su se ovi proizvodi pokazali u mom iskustvu.

    YOSKINE ASAYAKE PURE DUO HYALURON MICELARNA VODA - IN Detox tehnologija sa čistim α-glucan-om čisti kožu i priprema je da primi nove sastojke. Efikasno uklanja šminku i sve druge nečistoće. Aktivna hijaluronska kiselina niske molekularne težine i YO Hyaluron intenzivno hidriraju i zaglađuju kožu. To je ono što proizvođač kaže o ovoj micelarnoj vodi, kao i to da ostavlja osećaj svežine i da umanjuje iritacije. Micelarna voda koju koristim mesecima i za koju sam bila sigurna da joj nema zamene je upravo dobila ozbiljnu konkurenciju. Ljubav na prvo korišćenje, ova micelrna voda je zaista odlična! Dolazi u plastičnom pakovanju sa pumpicom i sadrži 200ml. Miriše prijatno i nežno, vrlo je blaga na licu, nema nikakvog peckanja ili bilo kakvih iritacija, ali više nego efikasno uklanja sve nečistoće i šminku, čak i onu najuporniju i vodootpornu u samo par poteza. Ne ostavlja lepljiv film na koži, a koža je nakon upotrebe hidrirana i meka, i što je najbitnije očišćena i spremna za dalje korake u nezi.

    YOSKINE ASAYAKE PURE DETOX GEL ZA UMIVANJE SA JAPANSKIM ALGAMAYoskine Asayake Pure gel za umivanje čini kompleks sačinjen od japanske Wakame alge, bogate fukoidanom, te dubinski čisti pore, i makro hijalurona koji hidrira i regeneriše. Ovaj proizvod obećava čišćenje bez isušivanja i osećaj svežine nakon upotrebe. Dolazi u plastičnom pakovanju sa pumpicom, koja omogućava lako doziranje proizvoda. Pakovanje sadrži 200ml proizvoda. Sam proizvod je providan, zelenkaste boje, prijatnog i svežeg mirisa. U dodiru sa vodom pravi laganu penu, vrlo je prijatan na licu, ni malo agresivan, i za vreme umivanja zaista imate osećaj dubinskog čišćenja. Za razliku od drugih umivalica ovog tipa ova ne isušuje kožu, što je meni vrlo važno s obzirom na to da imam suvu kožu lica, dodatno isušivanje mi nikako ne bi bilo potrebno. Nakon umivanja ovim gelom koža je hidrirana, nežna i meka na dodir i lice izgleda čisto i sveže. Odavno nisam koristila gelove za umivanje, poslednjih meseci koristila sam neke drige vrste umivalaca. Ovaj gel me je zaista prijatno iznenadio, mada nisam očekivala ništa manje jer je reč o formulicaji koja nam dolazi iz Rohto laboratorija. Yoskine Asayake Pure detox gel za umivanje je postao deo moje svakodnevne kako jutarnje tako i večernje rutine nege kože lica i zaista mi prija.

Regularna cena Yoskine micelarne vode i gela za umivanje je 1100 RSD,
 a trenutno su na sniženju od 20%  u DM-u, što znači da svaki od ovih proizvoda
možete kupiti za oko 900 RSD.

Da li ste već isprobale nešto od brenda Yoskine?
Šta mislite o ovakvom pristupu nezi kože?

Pozdrav do narednog posta,

November 5, 2018

  Hello guys! In today's post I'd like to introduce you to FYY, an online store that I discovered recently and which is specialiezed in producing and selling phone cases, tablet cases, laptop bags, school bags, travel bags and more. They have a large assortment of high quality products on their website an they are selling them at more than affordable prices. I think that these are good reasons to check them out. I'm sure you'll find a perfect case for your phone or tablet, or a nice bag for your laptop, for example. 

 I have picked one product that I especially liked from their offer. It's FYY iPad bag. This laptop bag perfectly fits fits all 12-13.5 Inches laptops, iPad Pro 12.9"/MacBook Pro 2018/2017 13"/MacBook Air 13.3"/Surface Book 2/1 13.5"/Surface Laptop 2017 etc Size: Internal Dimensions: 13.4" x 1" x 9.5" (LxWxH); External Dimensions: 14" x 1.2" x 10" Inches (LxWxH). It's made of premium PU leather, durable and smart, and also it's waterproof. It has extendable handle so you can carry your laptop around in comfort. You can also tuck away the handle, depending on your needs. It has inner net when you can store pens, mobile phones, cables, chargers, power bank etc. Fixed bands at the corners of a bag can fasten your laptop. You can use your laptop without putting it out.

   This laptop bag is available in different colors: black, brown, red and navy. I really love it's design. It's compact, looks lightweight and easy to carry. The price is $18.99 only! You can find more beautiful and high quality designs at FYY Amazon.
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