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October 18, 2017

  Halloween is just around the corner, are you excited? Do you have your costume ready? Have you prepared your Halloween decoration? If still not, no worries, you still have time for some shopping. If you're not sure where to look for cool Halloween costume or decor stuff, Rosegal is the right place! They have a huge assortment of Halloween inspired clothes, costumes as well as decorations. And now all that on great discounts, up to 65% OFF. Sounds cool? Here are some amazing Halloween stuff from their website that caught my sttention, and there's planty more on their store: https://www.rosegal.com/promotion-Halloween-deal-special-148.html?lkid=11602403

 Also they are having a promotion on their blog, a giveaway where you can win one of 3 gift cards in value of $100 for shopping on their store. It's a nice chance to win some clothes and freshen up your Fall wardrobe. Here's the link to enter: http://www.rosegalreviews.com/no-tricks-all-treats/


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   Hello guys! How's your week going so far? Halloween is just around the corner, are you excited? Do you have your costume ready? Have you prepared your Halloween decoration? If still not, no worries, you still have time for some shopping. And I have some great news for you from Rosegal. First they are having a great promotion on their blog where you can play and win of 3 gift cards valued $100. Don't miss this chance to freshen up your Fall wardrobe with some cool new pieces. Here's the link to enter:
  And when it comes to Halloween, there are some super discounts on Halloween stuff on their website. Up to 65% OFF. Great, right? Here are some pieces that grabbed my attention the most, and you can find more here:


https://www.rosegal.com/plus-size-dresses/halloween-sheer-plus-size-spider-1340915.html?lkid=11602862 https://www.rosegal.com/plus-size-sweaters-amp-cardigans/halloween-pumpkin-pattern-frayed-knitwear-804797.html?lkid=11602862

October 14, 2017

 Autumn is my favorite season and I always look forward to it, and to shopping new clothes. I've been browsing some of my favorite online shops looking for some cool new Autumn items. One of the stores that I checked is ROSEGAL. I really like this store, first because they have a large assortment of trendiest items in clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery. So, you can find all the things you need in one place. Next, their pieces are made of high quality materials which is a number one thing important when buying online. And finally, their prices are more than affordable. Here are some items that grabbed my attention the most while browsing their website. These are definitely the items that I would like to have in my closet this season. I hope you like my choices, as well.


 Happy Saturday girls! Are you enjoying your weekend? Just a quick hello today. I prepared for you a little wishlist from one amazing online store, called ZAFUL. I'm sure you already heard about them before, and maybe even shopped there. They offer a huge, huge range of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery etc. at reasonable and affordable prices. ZAFUL is a fashion destination that you need to bookmark and visit again and again. I can spend hours and hours browsing through their store pages. What I love most about this store is that it always follows seasonal trends. There are so many things I'd like to have in my closet, here are just a few bohemian inspired items, that took highest positions on my wishlist. I hope you like them too. Click on the image will take you to the product page where you'll find more info about some particular item that might interest you.


October 12, 2017

  Prošlo je dosta vremena od kada sam poslednji put objavila post u rubrici Coffee Break. Jesen je pravo vreme da ova nepravedno zapostavljena rubrika na blogu ponovo zaživi. Već danas vas vodim na jedno interesantno mesto u Aleksincu. U pitanju je picerija "Venezia". Iako enterijer ne podseća u popunosti na Italiju, jer prepoznaćete i druge uticaje, složićete se da je ovo mesto zanimljivo uređeno. A moji novi broševi koje potpisuje Esel Design odlično su se ukopili sa "artsy" momentom ovog objekta. Inače, Esel Design je domaći brend koji se bavi izradom nakita od drveta. Svi njihovi komadi se ručno boje i sklapaju sa puno pažnje. Ja sam oduševljena njihovim komadima, pre svega broševima, a najviše su mi zapali za oko oni koje vam prikazujem u današnjem postu: Dali i Frida. Pored broševa u ponudi imaju i ogrlice i minđuše, a sve to možete pogledati na njihovoj facebook stranici i instagram profilu. Uživajte u fotografijama, pozdravljam vas do narednog posta...

photo: Stefan Živković
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