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July 9, 2020

Yaki Hair is one of the best hair extensions that can contribute instantaneous length, thickness, volume or highlights to your hair in only a few hours. This hair would be the best part of your look. It is a beautiful hair that every first-lady must-have. However, this article will discuss something you should know about this hair.

What Is Yaki Hair?

Yaki Hair is all in all because it can be Remy hair or synthetic Hair or non-Remy Hair. It is used in the hair extensions weave and wigs. This hair is perfect for those people who desire a more natural appearance as opposed to a sleek uniform look in their hairpieces. What an ideal bet for those people who like coarse or wavy hairpieces – besides, if you prefer the Afro-Caribbean or Caribbean look then Yaki Hair is your most perfect choice.

This Yaki hair is quite similar to the natural African hair texture. It is dark in colour. For many people, the difference between Remy hair and Yaki hair is not clear. They said it is confusing! Yes, it is confusing if you don’t belong. Even some people refer to Yaki Hair is unprocessed virgin hair, which is not so because the hair is not always synthetic. The hair has a natural appearance and feel. If you are looking to add weave to your hair to boost your natural hairstyle, Yaki hair most likely fits the bill. This hair should be you are on the go-to texture.

More to its features, Yaki hair blends perfectly with natural hair, notably the hair from black women. It comes in straight very perfect for African descent.

What Does Yaki Mean?

There are many stories concerning the origin of Yaki hair. Most stories concluded that the hair was initially made from fur fibres of a terrestrial creature called Yak. Yaki belongs to the Himalayas regions. The manufacturers of the Yaki hair had chosen the animal as the basis of the hair and name because it possesses long hair on its body that is shiny as well. The chemical composition of this hair is akin to that of human hair. The hair reacts to colouring the same way human hair does.

Sadly, there was a difference with this Yaki hair because some people suffered an itchy scalp the moment the hair was fixed to their head. Fortunately, since then the manufacturers have stopped harvesting the hair from the Yak animal. Nowadays, manufacturers use human donor hair. So, that means that it has taken the hair many years of evolution for it to reach the subtlest level it is these days.

Types Of Yaki Hair

1. Silky Yaki hair

This hair type is the silkiest or lightweight texture of the Yaki hair. You may use it to give you the flat iron feel. It is smooth, but not as you would want it to be because it has little curls and kinks. This feature gives the hair some full body. Silky Yaki hair is also known as the straight Yaki or Light Yaki. The texture of this Yaki hair type can be boned straight and somewhat resembles your hair as though it has been straightened, flat ironed, or freshly relaxed.

2. Regular Yaki hair

This hair type is the most popular type of Yaki hair. The hair looks straightened, relaxed and seems to be different from the silky type slightly. It looks like African American hair, and it can guarantee to add volume to your hair. Regular Yaki hair looks slightly polished than the silky Yaki. Besides, this hair type needs a little bit of careful maintenance if you want it to serve you more.

3. Kinky Straight

This hair type resembles Afro hair or African American hair more than regular Yaki hair does. Kinky straight has a thicker texture and seems utterly like natural hair that has been flat ironed. This hair’s curls are not too tight. The hair is not too curly and not too straight. Once you blow-dried, it looks exactly like the natural afro hair.

4. Kinky Curly

This hair type has a typical African natural hair look. Kinky curly hair is the perfect hair for most black women. The hair allows you to stay away from heat and need to blow dry or flat iron the hair. It has not been treated with chemicals and may come in curly coarse or wavy coarse type. The hair usually looks as if you are wearing the hair that is tightly curled without any chemical treatments. If you are a black woman who loves to protect her hair but maintain the original look, this hair type is your best choice.

Is Yaki Hair Human Hair?

As I said earlier, Yaki hair is all in all! It can be synthetic, Remy and Non-Remy Hair. The hair collected from a single human donor, which cuticle runs in the same direction, is known as Remy Hair. But when it comes to Non-Remy Hair, it is the hair collected from many donors, which make the cuticles not intact. It could be processed or unprocessed and therefore, virgin and non-virgin. So, it comes from human donors, and it can be synthetic hair as well.

So, Is It Just The Same As Remy Hair?

Differentiating, the two may be hard for most people. They are not identical. The collection of hair from a single human donor in a uniformed way to have tips and roots in a single direction is Remy Hair. While Yaki Hair is not akin to the Remy Hair – Yaki hair is the texture of the hair. So, when making Yaki Hair, you may use Non-Remy, Synthetic or Remy Hair. Ensure you achieve the afro-like hair texture. The best quality of the Yaki hair is the Remy Yaki hair. That is obvious!

Is Yaki Hair Meant For Everyone?

Yaki hair is not for everyone! The hair only suits those of African descent. If you look at the extension strictly, you will realize that the hair is wavy, curly and kinky. So if you have big waves and straight hair, you cannot rock this Yaki hair.

June 30, 2020

  Hello lovelies! How's your week is going so far? In one of my previous posts I've introduced you to SposaDresses, an online store specialized in selling wedding gowns and special occasion dresses for any special event you might have, like prom or homecoming. Couple of days ago I wrote you about their collection of bridesmaid dresses and shared some tips on how to choose perfect dresses for your bridesmaids. In today's post we'll talk a little bit more bout this subject. I prepared some additional tips and advises, and some more suggestions of beautiful dresses from SposaDresses. 

  Choosing the perfect dresses for your girlfriends can be a hard decision, but it can also be fun. Your girls will probably have their own opinion and ideas, but the ultimate say is yours, it's your big day, right?! Probably, you can't please everyone, you have to find a balance between their wishes and your vision. Balance is the key! SposaDresses offers a lot of high quality dresses in unique styles, various fabrics and color options. I'm sure you'll find the perfect dresses to meet the taste and needs of your girlfriends and your taste and needs too. It would be best to choose the dresses that match with your wedding gown style, and the theme of your wedding ceremony. 

  Depending on the character of your wedding you should decide about the length of the dresses. For a formal kind of wedding long bridesmaid dresses would be more appropriate. Short bridesmaid dresses will work great for a more casual wedding. When you picked the length, you need to pick the fabric and the color of the dresses. You can make a choice according to your wedding theme, but also think about the preferences of your girlfriends, and find the best option so that everyone will be satisfied. Try to find the color that will look good on all your bridesmaids, and also the fabric they will all like. 

  SposaDresses has a wide selection of dresses in any color of the rainbow that you can imagine. When it comes to fabrics there's also a lot of different options to choose from. Lace, organza, tulle, satin, chiffon, sequins, jersey, taffeta etc. the choice is yours! With straps, strapless, V neck, halter neck, with sleeves, sleeveless, with adorable details like sequins, beads, ruffles, hand made flowers, etc. etc. Their exquisite yet affordable dresses come in different styles: A-line, sheath, mermaid, ball gown, and two piece as well. With so many choices and options available you'll surely find ideal dresses for your maids of honor. In my previous posts I shared with you some beautiful dresses from their offer. Here are some more suggestions. 

    Do you want a glamorous bridesmaid look and yet don't want to let go of the romance and charm that entails a wedding? SposaDresses brings you a stunning range of rose gold bridesmaid dresses. The sweet, dusty rose pink shade exudes the romance that symbolizes a wedding while the shimmer and sheen in it make the dress apt for a gala wedding occasion, full of glitz and glamour. Your bridal party will shine in rose gold with these unique styles from SposaDresses. If you want to combine the glamour with romance for your wedding be sure to check out their curated collection of rose gold bridesmaid dresses. There are different super stylish designs, from fit-and-flare silhouettes to elegant, shimmery gowns, from lace bodice to intricate beaded embellishment, and traditional off-shoulder sequin gowns to contemporary one-shoulder style sparkling dresses in rose gold. The trend of rose gold bridesmaid dresses is still very popular, looks like it's here to stay. Sequins are not necessarily formal, they are perfect for a formal wedding but can also work well for ceremony in the nature as well. 

  I hope you liked my picks. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to visit SposaDresses for more beautiful bridesmaid dresses, and more dresses for special events. If you're in search for high quality yet affordable trendy dresses you're at the right spot! Visit them today! Be sure to bookmark their website, you'll want to visit them over and over again. I can spend hours and hours browsing trough their selections. So many amazing dresses!

Until the next post,

June 29, 2020

  Hello dear blog readers! Today's post on Dare 2 Wear will be about bridesmaid dresses. I had in mind something like a guide for shopping bridesmaid dresses. I will share with you some useful tips to help you in your search for perfect dresses for your girlfriends. Your wedding attendants are your friends, people you feel close to, people who have supported your relationship from the start. Your best girlfriends are some of them and you picked them as your bridesmaids. You want to find wonderful dresses for them, right? But, you're not sure what kind of dresses to choose. You need to find something that both them and you will like. You need to find dresses that will be perfect for each of your girlfriends. Sounds like a hard task? But, it doesn't need to be at all! Recently I found one amazing online store that sells different kind of dresses for special occasions and they have a wide range of bridesmaid dresses, in different styles, colors and fabrics. You can start your search by checking out their selection. The store is called SposaDresses. But before that, you should have some things in mind, some general ideas what kind of dresses would you like to buy. In that way the shopping will be much easier. It's no problem even if you're not sure what you want, maybe you'll find perfect dresses for your bridesmaid the very moment you see them on the website. SposaDress has a lot of wonderful dresses, so I'm sure you'll find ideal dresses for your girlfriends.

  For start, you can think about your overall wedding theme, and try to find the dresses that will go well with it or that will go well with your wedding dress. If your wedding theme and your wedding dress is rustic, bohemian, retro, modern, elegant, casual etc. look for the dresses that will match with it. Try to find matching dresses for bridesmaids. After picking a perfect style, your next task is to decide about the length of the dresses. If you're planning a formal wedding it would be best to choose long dresses. If it's more on the casual side then you can go for short ones. Also, have in mind what would your girlfriends prefer and find the best solution. Next, you need to pick the color of the dresses. Pick a color that will fit all your girlfriends, the one they will all like and feel good in it. If that color matches with your wedding theme then it's perfect! Finally, you have to choose the fabric, more or less the rule is the same as with choosing the color. Pick a fabric that matches the overall wedding theme and that all the girls will like and feel comfortable in. Having this things in mind can make your search a lot easier, and you can enjoy picking dresses for your friends without stressing about it. 

  One thing that can make you anxious when picking perfect bridesmaid dresses is price tags. But, no worries! SposaDresses offers a lot of beautiful and cheap bridesmaid dresses. Your bridesmaids will look stunning with dresses from this store, for sure. Here are just some of the astonishing designs that I found while browsing their collection. You can find many more by visiting their website. You'll be surprised with so many options, various styles, various materials and colors to choose from. 

  Sequins are a good choice for a formal party. They are elegant and glamorous and will make your bridesmaids look like a million bucks. If your wedding decor has glitter and sparkles, sequined dresses will totally match with it. Just pick the shade you and your friends will love. Pink or nude color looks less formal, so if your wedding is not too formal, or if it's even rustic sequins will work just fine.  

  Green is the color of harmony. You can opt between a lot of different shades from light and soft shades to elegant jade and emerald shades. Green dresses are good choice if you're planning a wedding in the nature or in the open space, with lots of floral decorations. 

   And the last suggestion from my side is my favorite shade of purple - lilac. Your girlfriends will look chic and your wedding totally outstanding. If you're planning a romantic wedding this color is perfect!

I hope you liked this post and I hope you find it helpful and inspirational.
What you think about the dresses that I picked?
Let me know your thought in the comments.

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  Hello dear blog readers! For today I have prepared something different than you used to read on my blog. I want to introduce you to one interesting website that I just discovered. The website is called Vintage-Retro, a vintage-fashion knowledge base focusing on the promotion of vintage fashion. I must admit that I never came across a site like this that offers so many interesting information and facts about vintage fashion at one place, and trust me I was reading and digging a lot. They are dedicated to collecting and presenting the information on vintage fashion history from the Victorian era to the 1980s, offering guides to women’s and men’s vintage looks of every era, and searching all over the Internet for the best vintage style clothing, accessories and jewelry that suit modern tastes. They believe, and I totally agree, vintage is part of history; like history, it never fades. This website helps us learn fashion history.

  You can read a lot of useful articles about vintage fashion on film and TV, about Hollywood style, about fashion designers, fashion in different decades, and what especially caught my attention are their articles about vintage hairstyles. There's a bunch of articles about flapper hairstyles, for example. I really love this kind of hairstyles, though most of the old hairstyles disappeared, and the new hairstyles replaced them. We can see some flapper inspired hairstyles from time to time on the catwalk or in some music videos. This era will be always attractive and inspiring for designers and stylists.

   If you need an idea for a new haircut, then check out their posts about 1970s short hair, maybe'll find inspiration from retro hairstyles from the past few decades. Plus, you can find some tips and tutorials on stylish and easy-to-create hairstyles for special occasions or appearances. Another inspirational decade are definitely 1940s. Just take a look at 1940s hairstyles for long hair. Be sure to visit them and learn more about vintage fashion and hairstyles.

all images via: vintage-retro.com

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  If you are fascinated by the nonchalance of the hippies of the time, then I recommend you to stay on this page. Today I'd like to introduce you to SheStar, an online store which I discovered recently. They are suppliers of trendy wholesale women's clothing.  They have a wide range of wholesale boho clothing, dresses, tops, blouses, shorts, pants, and more. Colorful and playful prints, lovely embroidery and crochet details is what makes bohemian style clothing so unique and attractive. I really love these styles, and have a lot of bohemian clothing in my closet. There were phases where I wore only bohemian clothes and accessories. Currently I enjoy mixing different styles, modern, trendy pieces and vintage and retro ones.

What especially caught my attention while browsing SheStar is their boho dresses wholesale assortment. There are so many boho chic dresses designs to choose from. There's something for everyone's taste. Short, midi and boho maxi dresses, whatever you need you'll find it on SheStar. So many amazing patterns and lovely details. They also have some amazing accessories and shoes that go well with these dresses. So, this store is a one stop for boho lovers. You can find everything you need to complete your look at one place. Here are just some of the beautiful boho dresses that I found on their website. All these dresses are really beautiful, but I especially like the first one! The pattern is very cool, the color combination as well.

  Be sure to check them out for more. All their dresses come at super affordable prices. So, great choices and low price are more than enough reasons to visit them today. And check their other categories. You'll find amazing super stylish bohemian pieces for less. Let me know what you think about these dresses in the comment section bellow the post, and let me know if you found something for yourself on their website.

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June 28, 2020

  In one of my previous posts I've introduced you to Babyonlinewholesale and we talked about their yoga sets. In today's post we'll check out their offer of active legging. No matter if you're running, doing yoga, fitness, any kind of workouts, going to the gym, etc. you need a good pair of active leggings. This store offers a wide range of them in different styles, fabrics, colors and prints. Gyms and running trails are setting the stage for a new era of fashion — thanks to the popularity of activewear — and the new styles, patterns and colors of women's workout leggings that are coming out every month. Having so many choices when it comes to women's workout leggings is a good problem to have, because now you can be both comfortable and stylish during a workout session or anywhere on the go.

  Women's exercise leggings, like all pairs of pants, are made in different styles and lengths. Most athletic leggings found online and in stores are made in one of a few different lengths. Leggings also differ in the amount of compression (elasticity) they offer, ranging from no compression (like with cotton yoga pants) to high compression that has been thought to help increase blood flow during strenuous workouts and help recovery afterward. If you’re like most of us, you spend more time thinking about the print on your leggings than the material they’re constructed with. 

  Natural fibers — like cotton — soak up and hold onto sweat, making it a poor choice for sweaty workouts like running. For that reason, they tend to be used in slower (but still challenging) yoga and weightlifting workouts. That doesn’t mean that man-made fibers like spandex don’t have their place. Antimicrobial materials built in to polyester and spandex blends can help wick away the sweat while giving you the compression and range of motion you need to power through the miles or biking down the trail.

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